Come in a tiny house built for family living: It boasts not 2, but 3 wonderful bedrooms

From Tiny Diamond Homes in Wheatridge, Colorado, comes this gooseneck trailer microshelter house with Tudor styling that the company likes to say is tough enough for just about anything Mother Nature might throw in its path. Of course, that doesn't mean steel I-beam framing or a concrete bunker mentality. It simply acknowledges that a three-bedroom abode such as this one, when being transported, can face "hurricane-force winds and earthquake-like shaking when on the road, towed at 65 mph." 
Just saying. When you hitch a home with layered infrastructures — such as walls, stoves, windows, plumbing and wiring — to a heavy truck and "beat it on down the line" (as the Grateful Dead used to sing), then you are asking your home to do a lot more than age gracefully on a stone foundation. Even on a calm day, your home will be trucking through heavy winds when you hit the highway. And what do homes have in common with plants? They aren't supposed to change locations. So, this tiny house from Colorado needs to be tough as a stegosaurus. (By the way, did you know Colorado has a state fossil? Aiy-yup, pardner. You betcha. Guess what it is.) 
Anyway, let's take a look at this home, named the Rose, and don't forget to wipe your boots before you go in.
You will soon get the idea that this is a fairly large tiny house. It was listed as a 320-square-foot (30 sq. m), three-bedroom, one-bathroom microshelter, built on a 30-foot (9 m) gooseneck trailer. And seriously, it isn't often you find a tiny home built for family living that includes three bedrooms.
The dark stain and the fancy carvings under the kitchen counter fit well with the Tudor style. In the photo above, you see the corner of the kitchen stove in the foreground on the right. The ladder, of course, gets you to one of the bedroom lofts.
Antique styling persists in this tiny home. This view also gives you a look at the beautiful floor.
This home was first owned by a woman from Texas. The floor seems to have survived without showing much wear and tear.
This photo hints at how much space is available in this home on wheels. Many tiny homes are slathered in accolades, like "roomy" or "spacious." This one actually lives up to those adjectives.Closet, spice rack and window. Must be the kitchen.
This tiny home just keeps on going. The ceiling is handsome and gives the home a very spacious feel to it. This is a rare tiny home that has a bedroom downstairs (with a door for privacy, no less) and a bedroom loft above it.
OK, it's not a glamorous shot. But anyone living in this tiny house would say that these two amenities are very welcome additions.
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