Revel in this floating home's nautical origins as you discover its efficient and pretty design

You wouldn't normally think a 22-year-old vessel could take the form of your average suburban house. Well, today's floating home from Seafair Realty sets out to prove us all wrong.
Richmond in British Columbia is where we will find our prize: a cozy 420-square-foot (39-square-meter), two-bedroom barge that looks and feels just like home. As it cradles us along the Canadian marina, we will be enamored by its charming wooden design.
Jump on board and see for yourself.
Sky blue exteriors remind us to revel in the seven seas. These are brightened by the rich earthy tones that embellish the houseboat's decks and doors.
With waterfront views aplenty, the wooden deck doesn't need much to make a lasting impression. In fact, we would say the outdoor furnishings adeptly complement the scenery.
Whether you're keen on alfresco dining or you'd simply like a bit of serenity with your morning coffee, there's always a place to sit and appreciate your surroundings.
In fact, there are four deck areas to choose from here: two upstairs, and two just below. So you don't have to hide away inside unless you really want to!
The interiors have been designed with efficiency in mind. The modern kitchen is actually a pretty good example of this - full-sized appliances have been nicely fitted in a way that doesn't deprive you of mobility.
Likewise, the living area's strongest asset is its concealed workstation and adjoining shelving compartments. When you're not actively using the desk, the hooks above it can serve as a coat rack for visitors.
Even a modern floating home is humble enough to reminisce about its nautical origins. Feel free to extend the dining table if you'd like to sit down for a meal.
As bedtime looms, this houseboat's dwellers can appreciate a comfy bed enveloped by vintage adornments. If you're still pining for the lakeside, a navy blue door will lead you to the upper deck. Otherwise, just close the matching curtains and brace yourself for a peaceful slumber.
This houseboat's strong suit is its emphasis on space efficiency. Lining its cozy confinements with contemporary fittings and elegant decor, this floating home is all set to delight Canadian tiny living enthusiasts with a seafaring affinity.

Today's houseboat voyage will take us along the Canadian harbor. This is where we'll encounter the Serenity floating home, which peacefully resides in a houseboat community in Toronto's Bluffers Park marina.
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