Enter a bungalow-inspired houseboat to be charmed by the classic style of its living room

A single standout feature is all a houseboat needs to make a lasting impression.
Such is the case for this floating home from Scappoose, Oregon. Built in 2005, this cozy one-bedroom beauty brings us a rounded roof that radiates with spectacular craftsmanship.
But why tell you this when we can show you? Come along and take a closer look.
Here it is -- a charming 640-square-foot (59.5-square-meter) cottage just waiting to be cherished. Adorned by emerald green metal roofing and creamy vinyl siding, this house knows how to please with its exterior aesthetics.
That being said, its inner beauty is also an asset. Laminate flooring and pine beamed ceilings are among the stunning interior design features in this floating bungalow.
A sofa-bed may take the lead in this room, but that darling fold-out table in the corner steals the show for us. Just look at it -- the simple decor is bound to lift up anyone's spirits.
Elegance is sustained in the living area with sleek and stylish furnishings.
In the kitchen, appliances have been fitted to match the demure of the granite countertops.
Wooden cabinetry harmonizes and softens the prominent darker hues.
Whether you're unwinding in the living area or relaxing in the bedroom, you will always have full access to striking waterfront views.
Bi-fold closet doors will help you keep your belongings away from prying eyes and foster the houseboat's classical appearance.
Likewise, a shiny new cabinet polishes up the bathroom's overall look. A candle on the windowsill ensures there is a bit of serenity in this area of the house.
Throughout this houseboat, there are remarkable fittings to keep us content. The rounded roof adds a special dimension to each of these components, bringing a stylish flair to its quintessential design.

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