You'll be amazed by the custom features in this tiny yet luxurious bungalow

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the land of sprawling mansions, this little bungalow has something to prove. It may be tiny, clocking in at only 605 square feet (56 sq. m), but it's packed with custom design elements and luxurious details. One look at the interior makes it hard to believe the house was originally built in 1912.
The layout has an open concept but includes plenty of built-in storage and privacy solutions. Warm woods throughout help to warm up the loft-like space and create an inviting atmosphere. The attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the home's design. Take a look at this one-of-a-kind masterpiece below.
The entrance leads into a small living room area that is open to the rest of the house beyond. The back wall shows the bed hanging from the ceiling, where it functions as a light fixture; it descends to the floor when it's ready to be used.
The kitchen is bright and happy, thanks to two windows letting in the beautiful California sunshine. Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams give the small home a more spacious feeling.
A fluffy white rug helps to designate this little nook as the living room area. Gray contemporary furniture is accented with colorful pillows. A tall corner plant adds a bit of freshness.
The bedroom is at the back of the house. Here the bed has descended to the floor. A red curtain can be pulled all the way around the bed for privacy.
The bathroom is a showcase for customized luxury. It features a giant stone shower as well as a soaking tub. The floating sink is carved from a real boulder.
Exiting out the French doors near the bedroom area, you find a private courtyard — the perfect spot for entertaining guests. The cushioned seating is under a galvanized archway, and the coffee table converts into an outdoor fireplace.
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