7 floor plans for tiny two story homes

If you're the kind of person who likes to have their own space, then sharing a tiny home with someone else might seem like a nightmare. However, peace and quiet are a lot easier to come by when you have the option of retreating to a different floor of the house!
Stop worrying about how difficult it can be to share a small space, and turn things around by building a tiny home that's two stories tall instead of one. Check out the awesome plans for tiny two story homes below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!
1. Traditional cottage from Architectural Designs.
Not a single square inch of space is wasted in this home from Architectural Designs, which measures 664 square feet (62 square meters). Step through the front door and directly into the spacious living room, which is right next to an L-shaped kitchen that includes an island. A utility closet, laundry room, and half bathroom can all be found on this floor as well. Upstairs, the master bedroom boasts sloping ceiling and plenty of closet space. A full bathroom with a tub is also located on this floor.
2. Two bedroom cottage with spacious porch from Floorplans.
There's enough space for the whole family in this 980 square foot (91 square meters) design from Floorplans! The first floor of the home is made up of a kitchen, living room, dining room, and half bathroom. A door in the dining room opens into the backyard, and a set of stairs just to the right of the front door lead up to the private living space. Upstairs, both the master bedroom and the smaller second bedroom have their own full bathrooms as well as sizable closets.
3. Charming two bedroom country home from Family Home Plans.
At 991 square feet (92 square meters), this design from Family Home Plans is a bit on the larger side. The unique layout features a large bedroom on the first floor, directly behind the open concept living room and kitchen. The front door opens right into the kitchen, but a second door on the porch leads to a convenient mudroom. A luxurious master suite takes up the entire second floor and includes a walk-in closet, a bathroom with a tub, and a cozy sitting area.
4. Three bedroom shed-style home from Floorplans.
Coming in at 992 square feet (92 square meters), this home from Floorplans manages to fit in an impressive three bedrooms! On the first floor, the living room features a cozy fireplace as well as a vaulted ceiling that makes the space feel far larger than it is. The remainder of the space downstairs is taken up with an efficient U-shaped kitchen, a bathroom, and one of the three bedrooms. Upstairs, two bedrooms with vaulted ceilings are located on a balcony that is open to the living room downstairs.
5. Country home with detached garage from ePlans.
Measuring 985 square feet (92 square meters), this design from ePlans features a detached garage with a sizable storage space. Step up onto the front porch and enter the home through the living room, which is open to the U-shaped kitchen behind it. The dining room is found in the back right corner of the home, and it provides access to both a half bathroom and a small laundry closet. Upstairs, two bedrooms share access to a bathroom with a tub.
6. Cottage with spacious master suite from Architectural Designs.
This house from Architectural Designs comes in at exactly 1000 square feet (93 square meters). Visitors to the home are greeted by a cozy covered porch, which opens right into the spacious living room. Off to the right of the front door, the kitchen and dining provide a convenient, good-sized space for entertaining and enjoying meals. A bedroom and a bathroom with a tub are located right behind the shared living space. The master bedroom and bathroom are tucked away upstairs so as to guarantee a little more privacy.
7. Simple country cottage from Floorplans.
Measuring 767 square feet (71 square meters), this home from Floorplans boasts plenty of large windows to let in natural light. Downstairs, the large open plan living room and kitchen offers a cozy fireplace and a small kitchen island. A bathroom with a shower is located to the left of the kitchen, while the dining area is found in a sunny nook off to the right. On the second floor, the master bedroom offers a bathroom with a tub as well as convenient his and hers closets.

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