Unusual-shaped tiny home's kitchen alone is worth the visit, but don't miss the bathroom sink

Cornerstone Tiny Homes, run by Brett and Kim Hiltbrand and based in Longwood, Florida, has created a high-end, 32-feet gooseneck trailer tiny home they call the Westbury. It features a unique two-loft layout, splashy granite countertops, a 5-foot walk-in tile shower, a washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances and, according to the company's website, "engineered wood flooring that matches a stained tongue-and-groove ceiling."
In so many words, the Westbury has to be seen to be believed. Its most unusual feature is the split-loft layout: One loft serves as a huge master bedroom and the other serves as a lounge or living room. This is accomplished with help from a very unusual roofline — cathedral peaks at both ends of the house that allow you to stand up in the lounge, even though it's built on a loft. Let's take a look.
This photo offers a partial perspective on the feel of the downstairs, with the kitchen to the left as you walk in the door.
In the background is the bathroom — and that fancy bowl serves as the bathroom sink.
Not only is this countertop made of exquisite, polished granite, but it also has the unusual design of a large overhang, which hides a few of the cabinets underneath.
The predominately granite counter features lots of natural beauty.
This view shows the entry door, just past the end of the kitchen counter. The foyer area is taken up by stairs that serve as storage units. You can also see the height of the living room ceiling, which towers above the back of the couches.
The lounge, which sits on the neck of the gooseneck trailer, features a ceiling high enough to stand under.
This exterior shot shows that the lounge sits higher than the main floor but not as high as the bedroom, which fills a loft on the left-hand side above the kitchen.
Having the lounge loft slightly lower than the bedroom provides a bit more privacy than if the two were on the same level.
The pleasing three-color painting scheme includes tan on the right, teal on the left and white for trim.
A view in the opposite direction shows that the loft fits a queen-sized bed and has ample elbow room. A "crawl-in" closet in the back provides space for clothes and other items.
Under the bedroom sits the stylish bathroom, which includes this unique sink that rests on top of more polished granite.​
If you're going to have a full-sized shower in a tiny home, why not deploy some high-end tiling? The mosaic flooring works well with the striped tiles that accent the shower walls.