Peek inside a unique tiny home's bathroom and you'll get why it's called 'The Mansion'

Uncharted Tiny Homes, the builders of this tiny home, called the Mansion, hail from Phoenix, Ariz., which means that they have to work extra hard to design home interiors that can compete with the stunning scenery they have available for exterior photographs.
OK, nobody can compete with mother nature when it comes to beauty, even with that attractive tan, "rustic taupe" exterior paint, but the Mansion still has terrific, standout features, including two sleeping lofts over the kitchen and bathroom, an 8-feet by 8-feet L-shaped kitchen and a full residential bathroom. Uncharted Tiny Homes not only is the only tiny house builder in Arizona, it also is a 100% in-house building company, so everything has been designed, built and staged by the owners, the Partannas.
Let's take a look at the Mansion, which has proven to be popular enough for the company to offer two versions: "The Mansion Jr which shrinks the living area and bathroom by 2 ft and the Mansion Elite which is the same floor plan as The Mansion but we extend it to a 30ft trailer to give you a 6x8 walk-in closet," builder Mike Partanna tells us.
This photo gives a feel for the layout of the Mansion. The couch on the right tells you the living room area is in the middle of the home. The loft shows one of the two bedrooms. You can also get a sense for the size of the kitchen, which has counters against only one wall, which means there is plenty of floor space for a bustling cook.​
A table under a ladder looks cramped, but many tiny homes can only fit a very small table for dining. This one, pulled away from the wall, could serve as a table for four persons or more.
That said, take a second look at the ladder in this and the next photograph and in the previous shot. The slope is far gentler than most ladders. It is almost a set of stairs, rather than a ladder.
This shot also shows you the stove on the left is the real McCoy -- a four-burner with a large oven underneath.
In the distance are the bathroom and the second sleeping loft.
Here is the view from loft to loft.
The loft above the kitchen is simple, sweet, with large windows on each side.
The second bedroom loft is similar. The metal apparatus on the left is the rolling mechanism for the bathroom door.
The bathroom is well furnished, including a washer dryer and a handsome vanity.
The shower is simple -- tucked out of the way in the corner with a shower curtain that keeps water in and expenses down.
Not in a hurry? Go back and look at the wall behind the kitchen table. Now that's a minimalist approach to wall clocks.

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