6 adorable tiny Craftsman floor plans

If you like simple homes built from natural materials, then a Craftsman house is probably for you. Open porches, wood and shingle siding, and low-pitched gable roofs work together to make this one of the coziest styles of home out there!
You might not think of yourself as a fan of Craftsman architecture, but the understated sophistication of these practical floor plans is too good to be overlooked. Take a peek through the floor plans below and see for yourself!
1. Rustic carriage house from Architectural Designs.
Coming in at only 540 square feet (50 square meters), this floor plan from Architectural Designs is cleverly located above a double carport that boasts a ton of indoor storage space. The stairs lead straight from a dedicated foyer downstairs into a small hallway upstairs, with a full bathroom located right at the top of the stairs. An open concept living and dining room is found off to the left, as is a small kitchen that opens out onto the balcony. The bedroom is found on the right-hand side of the home.
2. Charming two bedroom cottage from Family Home Plans.
Measuring 859 square feet (80 square meters), this design from Family Home Plans boasts two covered porches, one of which is perfect for summertime grilling. Step up onto the front porch and enter directly into the spacious great room that features a fireplace. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are found right off this space. Off to the right, the spacious kitchen is made to feel airy by lovely vaulted ceilings. A large pantry and a utility closet are easily accessible from the kitchen.
3. Shingled one bedroom home from ePlans.
This one bedroom home from ePlans comes in at 633 square feet (59 square meters) and is situated above a two car garage. The front part of the home is taken up with a large open concept living area that includes a set of built-in shelves as well as an efficient U-shaped kitchen. Closer to the back of the house, a short hallway leads to a bathroom with a tub, a laundry closet, and the home's only bedroom.
4. Cozy house with bay window from Family Home Plans.
Coming in at 607 square feet (56 square meters), this design from Family Home Plans features a dining terrace found just outside the kitchen window. Inside, the cozy great room boasts a gas fireplace and a half wall that somewhat separates the space from the kitchen. The dining area is set in a bay window next to the kitchen. Tucked away in the back right corner of the house, the bathroom is accessible through either a small utility area or through the bedroom in the top left.
5. Efficient two bedroom home from Architectural Designs.
This lovely home from Architectural Designs features an open concept floor plan that makes the home feel larger than it actually is, but the house measures 896 square feet (50 square meters). The front door opens directly into the open concept living area, but a small tiled area provides a place to remove shoes and outerwear. Off to the right, two bedrooms share access to a bathroom that includes both a tub and a shower.
6. Craftsman cottage with fireplace from Houseplans.
Seen on Houseplans, this 788 square foot (73 square meters) home was designed by The Shelter Studio to be the perfect home for singles and couples. Vaulted ceilings in the kitchen and great room give the area a feeling of spaciousness, making it ideal for entertaining. The great room includes a fireplace, while the kitchen is home to a large island that provides plenty of seating. A mudroom is found near the back of the home on the right-hand side, conveniently located right next to the home's second porch. The master bedroom is found in the back left corner of the home, and it has its own door to enter the bathroom.

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