Backyard shed gets a makeover. It's now the dreamiest cottage of them all

This beautiful bohemian mini-house was once a couple of shabby backyard sheds. Paige Morse, an interior designer and stylist, was in need of a separate work space - so she got creative. Two sheds were pushed together and transformed into a bright and art-filled haven where she can now work and feel inspired, away from the distractions of home.
The work studio includes a kitchen, living space, and a bathroom; and it was designed with a budget in mind. Many of the materials were saved during the demo process or purchased through neighborhood resale, according to Homepolish, a full-service online design service that Paige contributes to as a designer. Take a tour of the breathtaking home below.
The main space has a cohesive black and white color scheme and lots of gorgeous bright light. The room evokes a chic flea market vibe with one-of-a-kind accessories and natural accents.
Even though the house is small, the pitched ceilings and exposed beams add vertical space, making it fell airy and roomy. A plush couch with layered textiles looks like the perfect cozy spot to relax.
According to Paige, most of the budget was spent on renovations - which didn't leave a lot of money for decor. She repurposed old hand-me-downs and even found some items while she was out for a walk.
This gallery wall of vintage artwork and photographs proves that you don't need a lot of money to create a beautiful wall display. The frames vary in color, size, and shape - creating an interesting and eclectic arrangement.
The black and white color scheme continues into the European-style kitchen. White cabinets and open shelving help the small area feel bigger. And even though square footage was limited, the kitchen is still functional with a miniature stove and microwave.
The bathroom was added from scratch. The vintage sink was found during demo, and the shower features a rainfall shower head. Mismatched mirrors are a unique touch, and reflect all the beautiful light in the space.
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