Understand what 'craftsmanship' means just by looking at this tiny house

Made by Humble Handcraft of Ojai, Calif., which is just east of Santa Barbara, nothing was left to chance in building this incredible, earth-friendly tiny house.
From the copper bathtub and sinks to the handcrafted, U.S.-made hardware, builder Ryan O'Donnell says even the backup power generator is earth-friendly, running on biodiesel fuel when needed. Solar energy is the primary power source for both the Humble Handcraft workshop and the tiny house; all of the electricity used in creating this tiny house was from 100 percent renewable sources.  The tiny house itself has its own 1-kilowatt solar system with a lithium iron battery by Iron Edison in Colorado. It also has a wind turbine for energy assistance.
Going a step beyond that, O'Donnell seeks out reclaimed lumber to use in building his creations and favors "live edge" materials, which not only saves the use of the table saw, but also lends a friendly look to some of the shelving and counter tops. For this tiny house, a lot of the material is reclaimed redwood and material gleaned from wine tanks.
Lastly, there isn't much in the way of humble in the tiny house O'Donnell calls the Shark Ark. This is a fortress on wheels.
A close up shows the careful craftsmanship that went into this house. Every line is clean. The framing is simple and beautiful.
The window on the right also hints at the creativity that defines this house. Who puts a window that close to the floor? At Humble Handcraft, the answer to that question might be, "Well, why not?"
All that precision woodwork gives an almost lavish look to the Shark Ark's interior. The sturdy table hints at the builder's style preferences. You might also note the tiling behind the wood stove, handmade by Ojai local artisans Rtk studios. It adds subtle coloring to the room, but it also comes up in other areas of the house — the kitchen and bathroom — proving that nothing here was an afterthought.
The builder proudly points out that the hardware in this house is handmade and found on the homemade marketplace Etsy. That potato-shaped doorknob is made by Sun Valley Bronze, a company from Idaho that works with recycled bronze. 
Here's the beautiful bathroom sink, made by Amano Copper, which also created the copper bathtub and faucet. O'Donnell said he made a commitment to using products made in America, even if it cost a bit more to do so.
From this angle, you can see the storage units under the couch. In addition, you get a look at the beautiful flooring in this tiny house.
This shelf shows a builder going the extra mile. Do you notice the doweling pegs that hide the nails used in the shelf backing? This is also another example of a live edge that gives the home a natural, earth-friendly appeal.
The footboard to the bed is another example of live-edge craftsmanship. Among other things, live-edge building means you have one-of-a-kind pieces, as no two live-edge boards are alike.
A second look at the bed shows the glorious skylight, making it that much easier to solve the riddles of the universe when you are trying to sleep.
This is not your average tiny house with your small loft. This thing is called the Shark Ark for a reason.
Here you can see more hardware forged in the U.S.
Why have a wall when you can have a window? They seem to be everywhere in this tiny house.
More stunning craftsmanship, with the kitchen on the left. A better view of it is shown below.
Granted, this isn't a fancy kitchen, but it takes up a minimum amount of space, and it has a great set of cabinets and drawers. All the cabinets, hardware, and electrical cover plates were made by Black Turtle Metals. On that small counter on the right is the counter-top stove.
This photo hints at why this unique tiny house is called the Shark Ark. And look at all the windows! More photos and information on Ryan's work can be found on his Facebook page. 

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