Enter a whimsical bus to see all the vintage details that turn it into dream home

Chelle decided she wanted to do something different, and when she purchased an old school bus to restore, her wish was answered. Chelle was also interested in lowering her carbon footprint, and living as off-grid as possible. A converted school bus is a perfect way to do that! In her blog Sweatsville and in her Thus A Bus Facebook page, Chelle details the work that went into her simple yet cozy bus RV.
You can tell immediately that Chelle is a creative, fun, and free spirit, and her personality shows in her distinctive and engaging home. Wooden floors and furniture are accented with pops of red, and the home runs on solar energy as well as either a generator or camp hookups. As you enter the home, you'll notice how neat, minimal, and pretty the space is. It also feels much roomier than it looks on the outside.
The home has a distinct living/sitting area, with a couch, chair, and an electric heater to keep the bus warm in the cooler months of the year. Forest green furniture blends well with the crimson curtains, creating an appealing color combination that simply says 'home.' The original windows, still intact, provide plenty of natural light.
Chelle's kitchen has everything she needs, including a small refrigerator, crock pot and hot plate, toaster oven, and of course, a coffee maker. Beautiful dark wood countertops were made from salvaged wood. The bus stays cool in the summer via an AC unit on the roof.
A wooden storage cabinet adds more space to keep items, and a fan keeps things cool on sunny days. Chelle relies on lamps to provide added light. There is a restroom on board and offers a simple yet effective composting toilet.
In keeping with her love of all things vintage, Chelle was inspired by a 'hippie' girl she met as a child and painted this beautiful, colorful peace sign on her storage chest to honor a free-spirited lifestyle.
Chelle decided to touch up this vintage cabinet with colorful paints, and the result is whimsical.
At the back of the bus, there's an airy, white bedroom, which offers a wooden double bed as well as the aforementioned antique toilet.
Chelle and her family love traveling across the country in their charming, retro RV!

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