Feel instantly at home in a tiny custom-built with a kitchen ready for culinary artists

The tiny house trend isn't going anywhere soon, and when you look at this charming house on wheels, you'll see why. The adorable exterior looks as modern as any traditional home. The blue and brown color pallet hints that this home is going to be just as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside.
With just under 240 square feet of living space, this home may be small, but it packs a powerful punch in terms of design, Odyssey Tiny Homes reports: "This original tiny house was built to provide everything you need and nothing you don’t," they add. The house is available for purchase on Tiny House Listings.
Easy to move stairs keep this home mobile. The colored wood stairs are painted to match the exterior, proving that the designers thought of even the smallest details.
Enter the home through the kitchen and take a look at the beautiful wood details. The dark ceiling beams keep the space feeling luxurious and add elegant details to the home.
The open design of the small homes helps the kitchen feel spacious. Equipped with a stainless steel sink and vintage-style cabinetry, the kitchen is comfortable and completely functional. "Culinary artists of all skill levels will enjoy the kitchen which comes complete with a large energy star rated refrigerator, 3-burner stove/oven combo, large sink, and plenty of counter space," Odyssey Tiny Homes proudly says on their website.
The steel backsplash is an idea that adds decorative detail and allows for easy clean up.
The small kitchen connects to a cozy area with built-in bookshelves, perfect for passing the time away. The shelves are built into the staircase which leads to a loft area.
A comfortable bathroom feels a bit bigger thanks to the white walls. The bathroom features cork flooring and sustainable bathroom features (including a compost toilet).
While the shower space is small, the unique design makes it feel like a piece of decor brilliance. The tin basin of the tub feels rustic but industrial.
One bedroom includes two large windows for plenty of natural lighting. A ridged ceiling adds decorative detail to the home and a ceiling fan helps keep the area cool.
The built-in shelves and cupboards make use of otherwise wasted space. There is plenty of space for books, knickknacks and cleaning tools.
While the storage space looks small, the cupboards are deep and tall enough to fulfill the basic needs of any small family.
The loft area provides a second sleeping space. Decorative carpet creates a more traditional feel for the room, and a large window provides a lot of natural light.
This home manages to balance a small space with the amenities and design possibilities of a larger home. We really love that the designer took aspects of the exterior (the ridged planking) to the inside (check out the ceilings in the bedroom).
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If beautifully made, elegant, portable, smart, efficient and practical is cool ... then this house is cool.
January 15   ·  
Actually, this home has two terrific bedrooms. The downstairs room has lots of storage space for clothes and personal items, while the loft allows you to sleep under a terrific skylight for a view of the stars.
January 14   ·  
'The Youngstown represents a growing trend I've noticed in the tiny house community. What's that trend? Placing sleeping quarters downstairs and in the loft,' Tiny House Listings explains in their YouTube description.
January 13   ·