Embrace tiny living and community feeling in a vibrant tiny village full of life

If you're looking for the quiet life, a tiny home neighborhood may be for you. But vacancies are rare with these new innovative villages. Take Wyers End for example. Wyers End is a "pocket neighborhood" of tiny homes near the State of Washington's City of White Salmon. It is a part of a larger project from Smart Development that aims to enhance real estate projects (such as existing neighborhoods) while "adding to the vitality of the community."
The houses were designed by Ross Chapin, a known tiny home and cottage architect. His mission is similar to what Wyers End strives to achieve, wanting to "create places that nourish the individual, support healthy family relationships, and foster a strong sense of community."
Wyers End is near attractions such as wineries and art galleries for a cultural experience. The area is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts with nearby Gifford Pinchot National Park and Mt. Hood Meadows.
Each of the houses is named differently with adorable names such as Lisette, Betty Mae, Coho and more. Each of the homes is uniquely designed, just like the names they are given. Here's a peek at the Lisette:
A plan of the site can be seen below as well as an interactive one on their site: