7 tiny home designs with vaulted ceilings

No matter how interested you are in the idea of tiny living, it's no fun living in a home that makes you feel cramped and claustrophobic! Luckily, there's an easy way to get the best of both worlds: vaulted ceilings.
Building a home with vaulted ceilings is well worth it; they can make an astonishing difference, especially in tiny homes. Check out these floor plans - they might look tiny from the outside, but inside they seem huge!
1. Two-bedroom home with drive-under garage from Architectural Designs.
This beautiful home from Architectural Designs is located above a two-car garage, and it measures 868 square feet (81 square meters). Two staircases can be used to enter the home; one leads straight from the garage to the living room, and the other leads up to the large front deck. The main living area is made up of an open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen, and this is where the vaulted ceilings are. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a second small deck are found at the back of the home.
2. Cozy brick home with loft from West Home Planners.
Seen on West Home Planners, this 725 square feet (67 square meters) home is entered through a small covered porch that leads directly into the open concept living area. The great room features a cozy fireplace, and the efficient U-shaped kitchen includes a large pantry. A bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room are found at the back of the home, and there's plenty of storage room under the stairs. Upstairs, a cozy loft with a built-in desk and a closet overlooks the great room below.
3. Two-bedroom beach home from Houseplans.
Coming in at 841 square feet (78 square meters), this two bedroom beach-style design from Houseplans is the perfect size for a family. A large vaulted living room with a fireplace takes up the front of the home, and the dining room and kitchen are found directly behind it. The remainder of the home is taken up with a utility closet, a bathroom, and two bedrooms, both of which feature vaulted ceilings.
4. Adorable country home with skylight from ePlans.
This lovely little design from ePlans measures only 576 square feet (54 square meters), but it has plenty of room for a few luxurious touches. The front door opens into a dedicated entryway with a closet. From here, a small hallway leads to the bathroom, the bedroom, and the living room. Vaulted ceilings are found in the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room feels even more open thanks to the addition of a skylight. The kitchen features an eating bar, and a small patio is found at the back of the house.
5. Cozy two bedroom cottage from ePlans.
This cozy cabin from ePlans measures a spacious 988 square feet (92 square meters). Walk through the front door, and you'll find yourself in the open concept living and dining room that features a vaulted ceiling. Other lovely touches in this part of the home include a fireplace in the living room and a bay window in the dining area. The kitchen is hidden from view behind the dining room, and it leads to a small patio out back. Two bedrooms are found on the right side of the home, each with its own bathroom.
6. Rustic A-frame cabin from Family Home Plans.
Measuring 823 square feet (76 square meters), this design from Family Home Plans is made to feel even more spacious thanks to a set of gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows. The front of the home is taken up with an open concept living and dining area, and directly behind this is a U-shaped kitchen. A bedroom and bathroom are found at the back of the home, and a spiral staircase leads to the sleeping loft upstairs.
7. Charming bungalow with wraparound porch from ePlans.
This bungalow floor plan from ePlans comes in at 801 square feet (74 square meters), and it also features a double garage and a shop room with vaulted ceilings. Enter the home through the door on the wraparound porch, and you'll find yourself in a spacious open concept living area with vaulted ceilings and a fireplace. This part of the home also features an eating bar and a bay window that creates a cozy dining nook. Towards the front of the house, two bedrooms, and a bathroom take up the rest of the floor space.

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