See what makes a developing Australian tiny village unique

Gosford, New South Wales, is considering tiny homes to manage homelessness issues.
According to Urban Developer, the Tiny Homes Foundation (THF) has announced that they have received approval from the DA to build a homeless shelter made up of four tiny homes. THF brags their solution as an "adaptable model" for any city and "[proves the] concept to enable legislative change at a State or Federal level for ease of scalability." Each tiny home will be around 46 square feet - or 14 square meters and cost around 30,000 AUD per unit (around $22,000 in US currency).
“We believe in ‘housing first,' not housing only, so it provides a great foundation to build on,” said CEO David Wooldridge. The community will also focus on rehabilitation through education and social services.​
What makes this project significant is that it is the first tiny home community project planned for Australia. Like other projects that have seen great success in the United States, the community will also have a laundry center, a workshop, and a commons center for TV and internet. What also makes the community important is that it was a low-cost project, council-approved, and according to Wooldridge, Australia’s "first equity participation scheme for tenants.”
See blueprints below:

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