Explore the wild side of tiny homes with this dizzying décor: The kitchen is country-chic at its finest

Alabama Tiny Homes from Mount Olive, Ala., has a curious statement on their Web site that sums up the tiny house movement in their eyes. "Tiny homes are transforming the traditional housing market -- by not really being a part of it at all."
Indeed, tiny homes are so radical -- let's give up owning lots of stuff in order to live life more fully -- that it really doesn't add up to a departure from previous building dogma. It's a whole new can of peas, so to speak.
That may explain why Alabama Tiny Homes called this creation, that can also be found on Tiny House Listings, "Freedom." It is too radical to fit into any suburban mindset. It is too peculiar to fit into an urban setting, either. Is it country-chic? Sort of. But, it is still a flat-out departure from all things we understand about housing and it is cozy, smart, practical and cheap. Maybe it's called Freedom, because it just isn't anything else. And the decor is positively dizzying. Let's take a look inside.
Here's a view of the so-called "great room." In the distance is the bathroom on the right, while on the left is a couch that doubles as a daybed.
Here's the couch pulled out to create a nice downstairs bed. Notice the white chest in the photo almost reaches the glass door on the left. In the previous photo (when it's a couch), there's room for two chairs in the same space.
Another look shows the stairs leading up to the master bedroom are on the right.
This is a terrific tiny home kitchen. It has a smart, three-quarter sized refrigerator, a fabulous array of counters and cabinets and a stove that has no compromise to it at all. (It tells you food is a priority here.) The staggered brick design on the far wall and the marbled counter tops makes up one of the dizzying decor moments in this home.
The home features a terrific storage-area staircase that leads to the master bedroom. The rugged stools help complete the country-chic decor. And the pop-out table is a great touch.
The master bedroom is roomy and full of light, thanks to twin windows on the right and the skylight overhead.
Free-standing chairs and tables impart a right-at-home feel to the place.
This is one of the more spacious bathrooms you will ever see in a tiny house.
If you stare at that corner long enough, you might lose your balance, just a little.
This handsome exterior shows you that the designers didn't forget to make the outside of this tiny home eye-pleasing, as well.
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