Glimpse inside a country-style bus and marvel at its warm, welcoming atmosphere

If you ever want to get a feel for off-the-grid living without making a full commitment, Airbnb will point you the right direction.
Venture into the West Virginian countryside, add a 1997 school bus into the midst and you will reach your nomadic sanctuary. Just ask Will, who is offering his cozy converted bus as a temporary residence to Shepherdstown's curious visitors.
Sounds like your kind of adventure? Then come take a look around.
From the outside, this may seem like an ordinary bus. But you will soon discover that Will has turned his Airbnb rental into the model home away from home.
Parked in a private backyard area, this countryside escape will always bring you comfort - even in the coldest of winters.
Rest assured, Shepherdstown may be renowned for its ghost stories, but there's nothing spooky about the rental we're about to enter.
Glimpse inside and marvel at its warm, welcoming atmosphere. Wood flooring and walls, ambient lights and vintage furnishings give this cozy conversion a bit of bohemian flair.
The bus may lack kitchen and bathroom facilities, but it has everything guests (and not just Will's dogs) need to relax and feel at ease.
If you focus your attention to the upper left-hand corner, you'll see that there is a dining table in this nifty abode too.
You can easily fit up to three guests in this rental as the sofa can double up as additional bedding.
We may as well look at the table while we're at it too. If his listing is anything to go by, Will is always pleased to meet and interact with new guests. He has previously gone out of the way to pick people up from the train station and has even taken some guests on guided tours.
Actually, renters can have as little or as much interaction with their hosts as they please, and they are more than welcome to use the kitchen and bathroom inside Will's home.
All seasons are covered in this comfy abode. When things get a bit nippy, a wood stove will ensure the bus's dwellers are nice and snug. During the warmer seasons guests are most welcome to relax in the backyard - they'll find a hammock and tree swing as soon as they step outside.
A full-size bed will keep you content after a long day of exploring the town's historic attractions.
Will's cozy Airbnb bus conversion certainly seems to live up to its name. It has everything you need to enjoy a bit of privacy in the countryside, without needing to forego the comfortable amenities that we take for granted.

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