Don't let a simple façade fool you. See the charm of a country container's bedroom

Measuring in at a tiny 320 square feet, this cute container home seems bigger than it truly is. Live Simply Homes designed and created this rustic abode. Peek inside and you'll find a kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom stocked with everything you need to live simply and beautifully. You can also check their Facebook site or the listing for this container house on Tiny House Listings.
The patio drops down to make the container home portable, and insulated, cozy home features details like recessed lighting, French doors, heat and air, and concrete counters. The attention to detail makes the home stand out, and if you're looking to get back to basics and reduce your carbon footprint, this is the perfect way to do it! As you enter the container, you'll see the kitchen and living area.
You'll immediately notice hardwood laminate flooring, polished concrete countertops, and of course, the beautiful French doors that lead outside to the patio. Floor to ceiling windows let in natural light and fill the home with sunshine.
The fully stocked kitchen offers an oven/range, stainless steel sink, refrigerator/freezer, and microwave. Cabinets above and below the counter provide storage for food and cookware.
Directly off the kitchen behind the wooden barn door, there's a 3/4 bathroom that includes a sink, toilet, and stand-up shower.
The gorgeous tiled shower includes a chrome rain shower head.
As you make your way to the bedroom, there's an open area that's perfect for the living room. This area has enough space for a small couch or chairs and a coffee table, or you could add a small dining table and couch. A futon couch would be perfect for guests. The television is on a 360-degree rotation hinge so that you can view it in either the living area or the master bedroom.
The master bedroom, also housed behind a chic barn door, features a double bed as well as two closets, custom built-in shelves, and custom cabinets for plenty of clothing storage.
The cabinets and shelves create even more space and make the room feel larger, drawing the eye up and adding visual appeal. The home may be small, but it makes up for it with small, stunning details and multiple features.
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