Don't be fooled by its compact dimensions, this cozy container home has everything you need

Does a cozy container home in a small Midwestern city appeal to your interests? Then you'll absolutely love today's tiny house tour!
Located in St. Charles, Iowa, this move-in-ready dwelling is currently looking for a brand-new owner. Don't be fooled by its compact dimensions, though. The house has everything you would ever need to live in comfort.
Come and venture into this small-town residence to fully embrace the simpler side of living.
Jan Welshons
Measuring 160 square feet (14.9 square meters) in area, this one-bedroom house is a great option for someone who is serious about downsizing.
The exteriors are very much the traditional container by design. Three sliding doors and windows with blinds will let you control the amount of natural lighting that seeps into your new home.
Jan Welshons
Wooden floors, foam insulation, air conditioning and an electric fireplace are among the great features that make this home pleasant and appealing.
Jan Welshons
As you can see, the kitchen comes with a fridge, microwave and cupboards aplenty.
Jan Welshons
Your sleeping quarters are right next to the kitchen. The bedroom is complete with full-sized Murphy bed that disappears into the wall when not needed, as well as storage compartments for clothes and other necessities.
Jan Welshons
The living/sleeping area also comes with its own 24-inch LED TV. That door straight ahead leads to this container home's bathroom.
Jan Welshons
Enter the bathroom to find a 40-by-32-inch (102-by-81-centimeter) shower, a sink with vanity and, of course, the toilet.
Jan Welshons
A combo washer/dryer is tucked inside this area of the house, too.
Small, mighty and agreeable, this container home packs a lot of amenities for its size. This is definitely a top contender for tiny house enthusiasts who are truly committed to adopting a modest and serene lifestyle.
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