See if a family of 4 doesn't have the cutest tiny house bathtub ever

As a young couple from Becker, Minnesota, Zac and Caitlin were looking for a way to sidestep the rat race. Debts were climbing, while the pursuit of happiness seemed to be focused on stuff rather than the unadorned joy of living.
The answer turned out to be a tiny house. The couple started building their home and family at approximately the same time, beginning the tiny house known as Hogan's Haven in June 2015 and finishing before Thanksgiving of the same year. By February 2016, the young family had started their adventure in earnest, with a long tow to Nevada, where the couple, with youngsters Finn and Piper, now make their home.
As is evident from these photos, someone in the family knows how to measure, cut, hammer and build. This impeccable home shows what can be done with a mission you believe in. Let's see how it all worked out.
Caitlin says this sign could be the young family's motto. They are churchgoers who dedicate themselves to a Christian lifestyle.​
Here's a long view of the downstairs. There is a lot of open space, which is very welcome when your children are small and tend to do more than their share of bouncing. The overall feel is certainly of a large space, thanks in part to the dark floor that contrasts with the bright white of the cabinets and ceiling.
The bare essentials for a young family include a four-burner stove and a large refrigerator.
Here's a second look at the kitchen with the dining room table in place. You can see that it folds out of the way, as do the legs of the two benches.
Another view of the downstairs space. Now you can see where the table goes when not in use.
A view from the master bed room shows the spectacular sky light.​
There's nothing like a cozy bedroom for a little private time when you need it. This loft has two dormers, which allows the ceiling to remain high. The windows along each side also give this room lots of appeal and help reduce any feelings of claustrophobia. ​
These stairs double as storage compartments. You see lots of these in tiny houses, but this one shows the high level of craftsmanship in this house.
Impressive craftsmanship shows up again in the kid's bedroom.
That's a composting toilet on the right and one of the most adorable bathroom sinks anywhere.
A second view of the bathroom — see, it's roomy enough.
And there's the cute bathtub — complete with the rubber duck. ​
Flowers in the kitchen are truly a sign of living for the moment, rather than endlessly chasing around for more possessions that appear worthwhile at a glance, don't really touch your inner soul.
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