Enjoy your stay in a colorful, eclectic houseboat with a bright living area

Docked in Saugatuck, Michigan, this colorful wooden houseboat offers a peaceful respite from your busy, noisy life. Chris's Airbnb listing details all the reasons why a stay on the Kalamazoo River is an exceptional idea for a mini vacation. Comfortable and cozy, the 30-foot wooden boat is just the right size for two people to enjoy a weekend getaway together.
The boat is outfitted with a kitchenette, a half-bathroom and a double bed. It's tucked away in a quiet marina only minutes away from the nearest town. Watch the sun set from the upper deck each night and fall asleep to the soothing sound of waves. Start your photo tour by climbing up on deck and checking out the cabin and other amenities to see what makes this wooden houseboat so charming.
As you walk onto the boat, you'll notice the bright, cheerful colors, including a built-in booth for meals that's lined with overstuffed cushions. Note too the bold paper lanterns hanging all around the cabin, bringing an exuberant, lively atmosphere to the space.
The small but fully functional kitchenette features everything you need for a comfortable stay, including an oven/range, sink and a small refrigerator. However, with delicious restaurants within walking distance, the only thing you'll likely be making is your evening cocktail!
Once you're ready to be lulled to sleep by the river's gentle waves, head downstairs to curl up inside a cozy sleeping nook.
With a small window and a lamp, there's enough light to see and a cute, comfortable space to spend the night.
The boat includes a half-bath with a toilet, vanity and sink. The nearby marina provides showers.
The best part of the day is relaxing on the upper deck and enjoying the sun setting on the water, then gazing up at the stars while you breathe in the clean, fresh air. You'll never sleep better than you do on a floating home!​
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