Drift across the soothing waters in a country-style houseboat's lovely dining room

Kerry Elwood spent 18 years of his life nurturing his passion for sailing. It's only natural, then, that he would be inclined to settle for a more permanent seafaring experience.
And so began Elwood's journey to build his own sustainable water cabin — a houseboat which could comfortably accommodate him and his wife, Dina. A year and nine months later, the Waterwoody Driftwood was ready to sail into the sunset, carrying the adventurous couple wherever their curiosity compels them to go.
Since then, Kerry has been commissioned to build two more vessels for customers eager to immerse themselves in the oceanic lifestyle. But today, we are going to be focusing on the houseboat that started it all. So, without further ado, let's set our sights on the incredible Driftwood.
The Elwoods wanted their new abode to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Solar panels, rainwater catchments, LED lighting and propane engines are just some of the features they installed in order to fulfill their eco-boating vision.
Just about everything in the Driftwood has been designed and constructed by Kerry Elwood himself. The arched roof's interior design was chosen to provide the houseboat's settlers and visitors with a fresh, open-space dining experience.
Handcrafted cabinets add a classical touch to the ship's galley. Red seems to be the color of choice in the Driftwood's interiors — with curtains and, in the kitchen at least, the stove, providing a dash of vibrant colors to this charming vessel.
According to the Waterwoody website, the Elwoods absolutely love this Navigator maritime wood stove. They bought it from a company based in the Orcas Island — the largest of the San Juan Islands in the Washington state.
Another view of the living and dining area, before we head through to the bathroom.
Here is the bathroom door, with the sink and vanity placed just outside it. Holding true to his craftsmanship, Kerry Elwood painted two murals on each side of the bathroom's walls.
One of the murals, with its mastermind modestly appreciating his artful creation.
Finally, here is an interesting fact to conclude our houseboat tour. The Driftwood's bathroom sink was specially designed and made for this vessel, by a pottery company based in Salem, Oregon.
While we don't have pictures of the bedroom, there is definitely one on board. Given all the care and attention to detail that went into all the aspects of this floating dwelling, we imagine that the couple's sleeping quarters are just as remarkable as the rest of the interiors.
Indeed, the Waterwoody Driftwood is a masterclass in craftsmanship. We truly applaud the couple's care for sustainability, their attentiveness with uniquely hand-picked amenities, and the creativity that came from every aspect of this houseboat's construction.
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