Make yourself at home in The 'wonderful' Cool Bus' comfy bedroom

What do you get when you set out to convert a Vandura 3500 Head Start school bus into a top travel destination?
Here's a hint: Look at your typical school bus, take out a couple of letters, and you will get to your answer. Give up? Then let us introduce you to The Cool Bus.
If you're ever around Monterey Bay, California, this adorable little bus offers the ultimate Airbnb tiny living experience. Rent this home on wheels, and you'll be set to explore the sun-kissed Californian scenery in comfort and style.
Ready to explore? Then join us for a tour.

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This bus may be smaller than your typical conversions, but that doesn't mean you'll be deprived of your living necessities.
The Cool Bus bus is parked on a five-acre Monterey Bay property that includes a house, with facilities guests are given full access to. So while The Cool Bus itself lacks its own bathroom and kitchen, these are right within walking distance.
Your hosts, Angel and Satsimran, will go the extra mile to make you feel at home. Guests can join in on early-morning yoga sessions, breakfast in the garden and, depending on the season, partake in free-range egg farming too.
They've even created a guidebook outlining their favorite tourist spots and local restaurants, which includes brochures and coupons for visitors too. With such exceptional hospitality, we're sure their guestbook is filled with previous renters singing the highest of praises.
Sit back and enjoy the stay. If you need a bit of fresh air, all the windows can be opened and closed as you please.
Delicate pieces of decor can bring serenity into a living space. This tiny Buddha statue is merely a reflection of The Cool Bus' quiet and intimate surroundings.
Whenever you need a bit of time for yourself, you can lie back in a comfy bed, watch the flat screen TV and turn up the heater to stay nice and warm.
With that, we finally get to delve into the cozy sleeping area. Upcycled redwood paneling lines the walls, with an additional coat of clear, protective paint enhancing its brilliant finish.
A queen-sized bed with six pillows ensures you'll have a comfortable stay, and fresh flowers will help you feel reinvigorated on a bright summer morning.
The Cool Bus also comes with remote-controlled LED lighting. So, depending on your mood, you can pick and choose the lighting's intensity and colors as you see fit.
With such care for homely additions, The Cool Bus certainly lives up to its name. Travelers to Monterey County are sure to enjoy peace and quiet in this hospitable converted bus, while getting the most out California's natural getaways.

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