Estes Park to allow rental of ADUs in housing crunch

Estes Park, Colorado is downsizing to help solve their housing shortage.
After the release of Estes Valley's Needs Assessment Study, it was determined that the Estes Valley area needed 1,480 to 1,690 housing units to house their workforce. A member of the town's staff suggested that the Estes Valley Development Code be changed to allow accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as rental options for the housing shortage. Current codes do not allow for ADU rentals, so changes will have to be made first.
How will the changes be made? According to the official website of Estes Park, Colorado, the proposed amendment must go through a public hearing process for consideration and adoption, first by the Estes Valley Planning Commission. They will either approve or deny the amendment and then pass it to the Town Board and County Commission for final approval.
Estes Park Housing Authority Executive Director Rita Kurelja told the Estes Park Trail Gazette just how excited they were to move forward with the plan, saying, "We've broached the subject of accessory dwelling units with the town before but this time the town is approaching us about it."
"It's a fantastic idea," Estes Park Mayor Todd Jirsa told the local Newspaper. "It's a great idea that I hope is a good solution."
What does this mean for tiny home owners in Colorado and around the nation? Should the amendment get the OK, ADUs will soon be popping up in yet another Colorado town. Southeast of Estes Park is the self-proclaimed tiny home capital Colorado Springs, meaning that the influence of one town's tiny enthusiasm will continue to spread to other areas, maybe even towns reluctant to embrace tiny living.