Storybook cottage is filled with all the rustic details you could want

This quaint little home located in Northern Germany looks like a cottage straight out of a fairy tale. The exterior features a thatched roof, brick walls, and is surrounded by lush forest greenery and blooming flowers. The house is 200 years old, but full of modern comforts.
The interior has a shabby chic design with a mixture of new and antique furnishings. A red and white color scheme is used in the living room while muted greens and blues can be found in the kitchen and hallway spaces. Overall, the home is comfortable, welcoming, and timeless.
The living room invites you to sit on plush furniture in front of the original fireplace. Whitewashed wood floors and white walls help the small space feel spacious.
The living room is connected to a small dining space furnished with a vintage table and chairs. A crystal chandelier and armoire for dishes finish the look.
The country kitchen is softened with feminine touches like the dainty iron chair, floral sconce, and sink curtain.
A charming wooden stairway leads up to the bedroom loft. The steps are painted a minty muted green, the banisters are finished in a contrasting white.
The loft at the top of the stairs is full of character with vaulted ceilings, more antique furniture, and a bookshelf made out of apple crates.
A sitting area downstairs features more of the red and white color scheme used in the living room. Green plant life adds a fresh look to the vignette.
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