Fall for the alluring colorful artistry of the 2 bedrooms in this renovated bus

What comes to your mind when you think of Nairobi, Kenya? A bustling African city? Safaris and national parks? How about a converted bus that has been turned into a hotel?
Okay, so one of those things is not quite like the others. But the bus you're about to see really is as much of an attraction as Nairobi's tourist hot spots.
With incredible interiors and the best hotel amenities, the Brandy Bus adds a unique touch to your typical African Airbnb stay. Come and see why this bus should be at the top of every curious traveler's bucket list.
Pictures of the Brandy Bus are courtesy of Airbnb, but you can find more about it on Facebook and Instagram as well. All the photos were taken by Vanessa Knight Photography

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Who would have thought that a run-down double-decker bus could become a relaxing African sanctuary? The Brandy Bus's guests are given full access to the garden area next to the bus, as well as the tennis court adjacent to it.
Located in Nairobi's affluent Karen suburb, this converted bus offers just the right amount of tranquility for visitors wanting a bit of downtime. But that doesn't mean you will be secluded from Nairobi. Actually, most tourist attractions are not too far away, and both main airports are within 25 minutes.
Downstairs, you will find open-plan living with a unified dining and kitchen area. With two sofabeds downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs, the Brandy Bus accommodates up to six guests.
The Brandy Bus's breakfast bar offers dining and desk space for four. ​
A constant theme on the Brandy Bus is the use of flowers to make the interiors look naturally fresh and homey.

Kitchen Area

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Isn't the kitchen adorable? As one would hope to find in a typical Airbnb dwelling, this converted bus has all the necessary appliances and utensils, such as the two-burner cooktop that you see in this picture.
Special mention goes to the vinyl record decor contrasting with the nature-inspired additions. If you were paying close attention, you may have spotted these in the breakfast bar as well. (Not-so-subtle hint: Look under the flower vases!)​
Now head past the two sofabeds and up the stairs.
You'll find the two bedrooms.
The first has walls adorned with soft pastels and floral patterns.
The second bedroom features laid-back decor by the bedside ...

Bedroom 2

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... including flowers and a small book rack.
A dash of colorful artistry brightens the space in the panels separating the two main rooms.
Even the bathroom features natural motifs. Blue and teal tiles add a dash of cooler tones to the earthy interiors.

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A blend of textures, African weavings, plants and decorative knick-knacks work in perfect harmony to produce an authentic finish. 
Amazed? So are we. If you ever find yourself yearning to explore one of Africa's main destinations, this converted bus-turned-hotel is bound to make you feel right at home. ​

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