Zip around the country inside the tech-savvy Zephyr

Self-proclaimed tech geeks, consultants, and bloggers Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy have cleverly created a smart, affordable, and comfortable home using a 1961 vintage Zephyr bus. The couple enjoys traveling the country in their fully equipped converted home, and the bus features everything required for everyday living.
They bought the fully converted bus 5 years ago, and now the couple enjoys a cozy life on the road in their home on wheels. The bus was converted from a passenger bus to a fully livable RV back in 1989. The couple has been upgrading it as they go since they live in the bus full time. As the pair enjoys taking the bus out on the road to travel from time to time, you'll notice a pair of soft captain's chairs that have replaced the vintage chairs of the Zephyr. The swiveling chairs also provide extra seating space for guests.
Since the pair make their living via technical careers, it was important for them to have plenty of workspace, as evidenced by the dual desks you see as you enter the bus, that share space with the living/sitting area.
An overstuffed, comfortable sofa sits on one side of the sitting area (and also doubles as a pull-out bed for guests,) while a custom built, double desk sits on the other. With two chairs and plenty of space, the tech bloggers have all the room they need for their day jobs. A pull-down projector screen is perfect for movie watching, and bookshelves offer media storage. Brown and aqua accents create a cute color scheme.
The kitchen contains a refrigerator, sink, and plenty of counter space. The couple decided in their quest to live a propane-free life (and have more storage space) they would forego an oven in favor of smaller appliances. A cool pull-out cutting board adds extra counter space. Plenty of custom cabinets and drawers offer spots for storing cookware and food.
The small but fully functional bathroom includes a stand-up shower, toilet, and sink.
The aqua counter adds a fresh pop of color, and the gorgeous vessel sink looks pretty and sophisticated.
The master bedroom, located in the back of the bus behind private doors, offers a comfortable queen bed. Custom nightstands and a mirror located behind the bed add visual interest and enlarge the room.
On the road and living on their bus for five years now, Ve Ard and Dunphy are constantly making improvements to their converted RV, and enjoying the freedom life on the road gives them and their cat, Kiki. Of course, the bus is equipped with electricity, hot water, and top of the line Internet service using a complex system of antennas, boosters, and hotspots for the tech-savvy couple to stay plugged in!
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