Tour the elegant Kangablue tiny house with fabulous wainscoting

The Kangablue tiny house in the elegant Caravan Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Ore., is “stylish, roomy and comfy,” wrote one of the overnight visitors in the hotel's guest book.
Of course, stylish comes with the territory at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel, which is a genuine showcase of some of the more tasteful tiny houses you will ever see in Portland or anywhere else. There are a half dozen tiny homes side by side in the little hotel-village park and each of them is unique, imaginative, and cleverly playful in design. But they also display some of the terrific craftsmanship that makes the area world famous as a wooden boat mecca and, now, a model tiny home community.
The Kangablue might just be a home in perfect balance. The wainscoting throughout the downstairs is mirrored in the master bedroom, which has blue walls and a ceiling in natural wood tones. You'll notice there is no dormer in this tiny home, so it has to make due with what it's got. That would be one bedroom, a fabulously, stylish living room and a complete bathroom – which is tiny house community lingo for a flush toilet, a shower and, in this case, a floor to ceiling window right next to the toilet.
Take a tour and see for yourself.
There is no dormer in this tiny house, so the upstairs will not have any extra room. Maybe that's why this tiny house has the extended front porch -- large enough for a tiny bench for guests who enjoy the evening air and the company of other hotel guests.
This is a hotel made up of six tiny houses that reflect what it might be like to live in a tiny house community. As such, many of the guests say that the best part of their stay in one of the cozy tiny houses was getting to know their neighbors.
The kitchen is on the right and features a splendid dining table -- the glass and bamboo table on the left. Above is the bedroom loft, which is accessible with the ladder that is hanging out of the way in this photo. In the background, through the curtained door, is the bathroom.
Of course, the wainscoting is one of the great features of this house and in this shot you can see the natural tones below in the downstairs area gives way to the teal colored walls. But in the bedroom above, the teal colored walls give way to the natural colors of the ceiling.
Here's a closer view of the kitchen, but with the ladder set in place. In this shot, in the front right side of this photo (lower right corner) you see part of the half-sized refrigerator under the microwave oven.
This view of the glass dining table shows another extra in this tiny house: An air conditioning unit! 
If this was a home, rather than a hotel, you would likely see more shelves and more clutter in the kitchen. As it is, this is an efficiency kitchen without too many extras. Notice the sink. That's about as small as a sink can get, don't you think?
Notice the bathroom has a floor to ceiling window, which is on the back end of the home. You can see the reason for the dark-colored window curtain. By the way, that's a fully functioning flush toilet -- a luxury for a tiny house.
The features of this master bedroom above the bathroom include the octagonal window and the beautiful ceiling.
A practiced tiny house community eye would notice that the furniture in the living room is not built into the structure. They're free-standing.
A generous amount of light streams in through this side of the house. The door of some tiny houses are custom-sized, but this one is a full-width door with great windows in it. Above this side of the home, you can see is a small storage loft. 
No question, this is a tiny house with lots of stylish features, but its purpose -- it is used as a hotel in a semi-permanent setting -- allows for some of those features. Storage is not such a major concern for a hotel room as it would be in a family's home, which makes it possible to use free standing furniture, as opposed to furniture built into the house that doubles as a storage unit (a couch cushion on top of a storage box, for example). 
Still, there's no question that the Caravan Tiny House Hotel has set the bar pretty high for tiny houses. They can be both stylish and roomy. Who'd a thunk it? 

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