These graduates roamed the US in a DIY bus with incredible interiors

Sometimes, the best ideas come out of the most unexpected places. One summer vacation, 8 entrepreneurship Masters students were casually discussing their plans for the upcoming year. As a school bus passed by, light bulbs flickered over their heads.
Thus began the ambitious pursuit of a custom-made RV that would enable these students to roam around the United States.
Working strenuously during their studies to complete the bus conversion, the now-graduates had barely picked up their degrees before they were ready to hit the road. Come and take a ride with us to see what these business savvy friends achieved in this eventful journey. ​

#tbt to the day we bought the bus from our pal Mike. Man have we turned this bus around! #schoolbusconversion #busconversion #skoolie #motordame #thanksmike

Posted by SerendipitiBus on Thursday, 30 July 2015
October 2014 was when it all began. The then University of Notre Dame students purchased a 40-foot (12.19-meter) 1999 Carpenter school bus to convert it into their place of serendipity.

Each bumper sticker represents a destination along the way. From states to attractions and recreational activities, we sure did a lot! #schoolbusconversion #busconversion #skoolie #motordame #roadtrip

Posted by SerendipitiBus on Wednesday, 15 July 2015
With funding from their university's ESTEEM program and McDonald's, along with additional support from family and friends, the students meticulously planned out, labored over, and polished their work to perfection. By June 2015, the aptly-named Serendipitibus was ready for action.
The outside may be minimalist in conventions, but these incredible interiors are very lavish and modern.
Obviously, a bus that needs to accommodate 8 people is going to need to be creative with furnishing and space. And in this regard, the Serendipitibus definitely delivers. You will see that this couch, for example, is quite special in its design.
Not only is it roomy, it is also comprised of secret compartments for easy storage.
There are also foldout desks on different corners of the sofa, converting the living area into a personal workstation.
Shelving space in the Serendipitibus is quite creative too. This one houses all the kitchen utensils and a magazine rack.
And this one is used for books, medicine, potted plants and decorative pieces.
Speaking of decor, did you spot the atlas details along the walls? A hint of wanderlust for nomadic travelers, right in a mobile dwelling!
Moving on to the other areas of the house now. Located right next to the living area, the kitchen makes great use of its limited spatial constraints.
For the five-star hotel experience, the Serendipitibus kitchen comes with a fridge, a microwave, and its own mini-bar.
Head through these curtains to get to the bedroom.
Which is comprised of several bunk-bed compartments.
You can tell the students went to great lengths to ensure that every single detail counts. So much so, that all beds have their own curtains for additional privacy.
And how's this for clever storage? You never have to sift through other people's belongings to find your clothes - everything is contained in your own sleeping space.
Finally, no serendipity haven would ever be complete without a bathroom.
This one may be quite compact, but it has everything a road-tripping troupe could ever really need.
As you can see, the attention to detail that went into this bus conversion is nothing short of amazing. These eight graduates have finished their travels now, but we know that they have collected some valuable experience and memories along the way.

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