Explore a container home's fascinating interiors: Its sleeping quarters glimmer with elegance

Over the years, architectural firm Jendretzki has been involved in various projects in the US and around the world. Their work is inspired by a desire to combine the personal with powerfully modern renditions - and this is exactly what you will experience on today's container home tour.
Completed in 2013, the Hightree House seamlessly blends simple details with innovative construction methods. According to ArchDaily, a family from Los Angeles commissioned the architectural giants to create a home that appeals to Scandinavian design conventions. The final product, you will soon see, went above and beyond when it comes to meeting the homeowners' criteria.
Intrigued? Then come with us to explore this marvelous home. You'll be amazed at the incredible aesthetics that arise from Jendretzki's workmanship.
All photographs were taken by Alejandro Wirth for Jendretzki.
Located in Santa Monica, this container home relies on a combination of metal and wooden materials and tones, along with three sliding doors, to produce a spacious and homely atmosphere.
The glass doors also mean that the house is greatly enhanced by the naturally bright Californian sun.
With interiors like these, though, not a lot is needed to make the Hightree House glimmer with elegance.
You will notice that, while the interior design presents itself as polished and demure, the furnishings add a futuristic vibe to this container dwelling.
With these open-plan interiors, the living, dining and kitchen areas work together harmoniously to make everyone feel welcome and replenished.
A soft wooden finish to the kitchen walls and cupboards flawlessly reconciles with modern appliances like that ceramic stove you can see in this picture.
And it also hides the sliding door that leads us to bathroom. Such an interesting addition, don't you think?
Not too far ahead, we are welcomed into the heavenly sleeping quarters. While there are no doors separating this area from the rest of the house (bathroom notwithstanding), privacy is ascertained by strategically placing the bed in a corner that secludes it from view.
With a skylight positioned just above the bed, this container home's lucky dwellers get to enjoy plenty of natural lighting during the day and the added bonus of sleeping under the stars at night.
A charming home that immaculately blends modern features with classical materials, the Hightree House is an ode to all elements. Jendretzki did an amazing job in this container home's construction - and we are pretty sure its owners agree!

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