See how a unique converted bus hasn't spared a single detail, especially in the bedroom

Our story begins in June 2012, with a 1991 Bluebird school bus that would soon become a couple's full-time home.
Using their blog to share their wisdom, Ashlee and Casey recounted their feat of transforming the Hello Bluebird bus into a nomadic haven.
Seeking to sate their restless desire for an adventure, the couple worked hard to make every component of their mobile dwelling uniquely theirs. Bloggers, avid readers, and tiny living enthusiasts alike have marveled at the finished rendition.
And now, so can you. Come with us to explore the Hello Bluebird in all its converted glory. ​
This is the old Skoolie before it was given a much needed makeover.
That was the before. This is the after. Settling in a riverside RV park, Casey and Ashlee officially moved into their new abode in September 2012.
Enter the Hello Bluebird bus to encounter a well-lived, fully-furnished home with cedar trimmed interiors.
This is an older picture of the open-plan living and kitchen area. As you can see, this Bluebird converted bus defies the usual tiny living conventions by having a five-burner cooktop installed in the kitchen.
It must be said that while Casey and Ashlee were able to fit a full-size futon in this bus' confined space, they did eventually replace it with more practical furnishings.
In this RV the small decorative pieces are what produce its homely vibes.
Like the photos that you see hanging along the walls. ​
Or this lovely table that you see adorning the cozy living area. Which, by the way, is what replaced that futon we showed you earlier.
Casey was the one who made all of the Bluebird's wooden shelves and furnishings, including that workstation in the corner.
As we make our way down the bus, just before the bedroom, we will find a washing machine, mirror and basin to our right.
And the bathroom, complete with shower, on the left.
Actually, you'll get a clearer idea of where you'll find those two facilities when you're looking at them from this perspective (bathroom on the right, washing machine and basin to the left). Clearly, that setup is a clever way to work around the bus' space restrictions.
Speaking of space, no detail has been spared when it comes to the bedroom's storage. Shoes are kept out of the way in a nifty hidden compartment, and extra clothes and bedding are kept under the bed for convenient access.
Given that a lot of the details we see here have been built from scratch, it is amazing how quickly the Hello Bluebird bus was converted into a home. That's real dedication to craftsmanship, right there - and Casey and Ashlee should feel proud of what they have achieved in this incredible journey.
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