7 pieces of furniture to make your tiny bathroom feel not-so-tiny

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, and fair enough! You don't spend as much time in there as you do in any of your other rooms, and it's hard to justify the room being any bigger than necessary when floor space is at a premium.
That being said, just because the room is tiny doesn't mean it has to be cramped. If you have the right furniture, even the smallest bathroom can feel way bigger than it actually is! Here are some awesome ideas to put you on the right path.
1. A shrunken sink
It's time to rethink whether or not you actually need a standard-sized sink, especially when a small one will do the job just as well and you could be using that space for storage instead! This cute little number can be purchased from Signature Hardware.
2. Built-in shelves
Built-in shelves are a great way to use otherwise untouched dead space between wall studs, and there's no better place for them than in the bathroom! This clever cabinet by Donna DuFresne Interior Design might not be huge, but it's the perfect place to stash bathroom essentials.
3. Two-in-one toilet and sink
Just because the world isn't a strange enough place already, here's a toilet-sink combo. Created by Spanish company Roca, the toilet was actually designed as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional toilets; the water from the sink is used to fill the basin of the toilet! Of course, the design conveniently saves a ton of space as well.
4. A floating vanity
If you're a minimalist who doesn't need a lot of storage space for all your cosmetics, a floating vanity like this one is the way to go. It takes up no more room than needed, and it'll make the room look way more spacious. Learn how to make it from Remodelaholic!
5. Above-the-door shelf
Even if you think you've maxed out the storage space in your tiny bathroom, you're probably wrong. Are you using the space above your door? Unless you're really, really tall, you should be. Get the details for this project from The 2 Seasons.
6. Storage behind a mirror
Who says shelving behind the mirror is only for above the sink? This awesome full-length mirror from Shanty 2 Chic holds more stuff than most bathroom mirrors could ever dream of. As a bonus, having a large mirror in your bathroom will make it appear way more spacious! It's a win-win.
7. A toilet paper holder with a shelf
This might not seem like a lot of storage, but every little bit counts, especially when you're not working with a lot of space! This clever little shelf is a great place to keep air freshener, extra toilet paper, or even a decorative plant, and it takes up no more room than a regular toilet paper holder. Learn how to make it for yourself from DIY Showoff.