8 easy DIY hacks that turn Ikea pieces into space-saving wonders

Ikea is full of amazing furniture, lots of which is great for tiny homes. From tiny shelves to fold-up tables, it seems like the Swedish giant has thought of everything. However, the store also has a ton of perfect small-space solutions that are busy masquerading as something else!
With a dash of creativity, you can transform some of the most mundane pieces of furniture into space-saving miracles. Even people with minimal woodworking skills and limited time can pull off most of the projects below.
1. Raised platform bed with storage
This awesome platform bed from Oh Yes is so gorgeous that it's hard to believe it was constructed entirely from Ikea cabinets. You won't believe how much storage space is hiding in there!
2. Beautiful banquette seating
This useful piece of banquette seating is so stylish you'd never guess it was made from an Ikea bookshelf. With a $60 shelf and a bit of sewing know-how, you can make one just like it! Learn how on Melodrama.
3. Amazing clothing storage
If you have a small closet, consider giving up your horizontal rack and replacing it with a bunch of Ikea shelf brackets. The idea comes from Livet Hemma, and it's a great way to maximize space in a tiny closet!
4. A super slim drawer for under the bed
If you've ever bemoaned your inability to store stuff under your bed because of how small the space is, this hack from Wohnidee is for you. Simply attach some casters to the Ekby Alex shelving unit, and you'll have the perfect rolling storage solution that will fit almost anywhere.
5. Murphy bed concealed behind a bookshelf
Are you torn between wanting a big bookshelf and needing an extra bed for when you have guests? Frodnon from Ikea Hackers was, and so he came up with this amazingly clever two-in-one solution. The wheeled bookshelves open like doors, and you'd never know they were hiding a murphy bed.
6. A clever shelf
Keep clutter out of the way with this affordable catch-all shelf from Design Sponge. It's made out of a magazine holder flipped on its side, and it's a super smart way to use a bit of free corner space.
7. Kitchen bench with storage
There's absolutely zero construction work required to make this cute kitchen bench from Apartment Therapy. It's simply an over-the-fridge cabinet unit with a cushion on top! Put it in any unused nook that could do with a little storage space, and use it for extra seating whenever it's needed.
8. Concealed washer and dryer
Tiny homes don't often come with a separate laundry room, but this clever hack will make sure you don't have to stare at your washer and dryer unless you're using them. Peik Helly-Hansen shared his design with Ikea Hackers, and it's really easy to DIY!
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