Tour the eclectic interior of this South Carolina cottage

When Lindsay Jackman and her husband purchased this small white cottage in Greenville, South Carolina, they were ready to get their hands dirty. They planned on extensive renovations, including tearing down walls, expanding the kitchen, reworking the floor plan, and adding much-needed curb appeal to the exterior.
The result is a cozy and magazine-worthy interior with a modern, open-concept floor plan. The decor is an eclectic blend of bohemian, modern and farmhouse styles. Each space is unique and comfortable — the perfect place for a young family to call their home. Take the full tour below.
With the help of their contractor, Lindsay and her husband removed a large wall between the future kitchen and living room. Then, they added rustic details with an exposed wood beam and columns, which are actually made from framing lumber as opposed to solid wood.
The built-in bookshelves provide storage, a spot for the TV and a place to display books and accessories. The black iron light fixtures add industrial style to the space.
Originally an enclosed garage, the kitchen was built from scratch. Lindsay and her husband built the live wood-edged island using a pine tree from their backyard.
The dining room mixes farmhouse and bohemian style for a cozy, on-trend nook. The table is actually a large spool for electrical wire. Lindsay applied a coat of clear polyurethane to give it a finished feel.
The goal for the master bedroom was to mix masculine and feminine styles so it appeals to both the husband and wife. The creative headboard was made by gluing wood rounds to a stained piece of plywood.
The office is a bohemian masterpiece packed with more DIY projects. Lindsay painted the desk herself to look like marble. And being a self-proclaimed hippie, she tie-dyed her curtains.
The nursery is girly yet rustic, with floral curtains and an antler light fixture. This cozy nook is the perfect place to read a bedtime story.
In the master bathroom, the rustic barn wood vanity paired with the contemporary white countertop and sink creates the eclectic style Lindsay loves. The mirror is a thrift store find painted navy blue.

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