Take a peek inside this gorgeous houseboat: It has a surprise right outside the kitchen

Imagine waking up to the peaceful ocean breeze, salty sea air, and the feeling that you're on vacation every day. That's how life is when you live on a houseboat. This 40-foot, two-story houseboat, named the Thomas Jefferson, was built in 1972 and gives off a cool, rustic, vintage vibe. Featuring two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a wraparound deck, this gorgeous yacht makes waking up to the sunrise on the water a part of your everyday life.
Packed with amenities, including a hot tub, galley kitchen, and plenty of exterior storage, the boat is sure to please even the most discerning homeowner, and considering the affordability of owning a houseboat versus a mortgage, it's a more realistic dream than you think to own this one or one like it. The dinghy landing provides the perfect place to entertain guests.
Step inside to discover a spacious living/sitting area. Redwood paneling gives the boat a cozy touch, and there's plenty of room for a sofa and chairs. Built-in custom bookshelves, end tables, a coffee table, windows with privacy blinds, and a desk complete the space and provide all of the comforts of a traditional home.
Walk through the living room and past the desk into the galley-style kitchen. Right before you head into the kitchen, you'll notice a built-in breakfast bar and stools, creating the perfect space-saving spot to grab a meal.
The galley kitchen features a full-sized oven and range, stainless steel sink and countertops, and a utility sink. Plenty of cupboards, cabinets, and drawers provide kitchen storage space.
A gorgeous hot tub sits right outside the kitchen, partially shaded and perfect for an afternoon or evening of relaxation.
Head upstairs to the loft bedroom when it's time to unwind after a long day. The bedroom is roomy and open, providing space for a full-sized bed along with sofas or chairs, a dresser, and a small table and chairs.
The true treat of the top floor is the wraparound deck, offering stunning views of the mountains, sunrise/sunset, and ocean.
Imagine waking up to this sunrise view every day. Don't be fooled by this houseboat's humble look: It boasts the most luxurious surprise outside the kitchen
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