Prepare for the tasteful luxury of this container home: Its bathroom is simply dreamy

Armed with a small budget and a big idea, architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe hoped to fulfill what seemed impossible-to create a lovely, sophisticated, and elegant home using shipping containers and stay within budget. When Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta approached the architect with their dream home idea, Saxe set to work and helped the couple build an amazing home, stay out of debt, and enjoy a life next to nature in beautiful Costa Rica. The home features 1,000 square feet of living space, and is made from two 40-foot shipping containers.
The entire project, called Containers of Hope, was finished at a cost of roughly $40,000.
Concrete steps take you directly into the heart of the home, where you'll see the living area on your right and the kitchen on your left. The living area of the home is enclosed in solid glass windows, creating a breathtaking view of the outdoors, and letting in plenty of natural light. The spacious living area contains a large sectional and coffee table. The white exterior lends an air of freshness to the home, and combined with the large glass windows, creates an illusion of more space.
The kitchen is fully loaded and a gourmet chef's dream, containing a full sized oven and range, dishwasher, refrigerator, and plenty of counter and storage space with built-in overhead cabinets. Bright red chairs offer a spot to sit during mealtimes and add some color to the space.
At the back of the home there is a master bedroom. This space is large enough for a king bed, and glass doors open up to an outside patio and let fresh air in. The spacious bedroom offers space for an entertainment center and television, along with closet space.
The home's bathroom, located right off of the master bedroom, is a sanctuary. Equipped with an oversized window, the light-filled space offers a full-sized, partially enclosed bathtub and shower, along with a sink, vanity, and toilet. Counter and cabinet space offers plenty of room for towels and other necessities.
At the front of the house there is a smaller second bedroom, perfect for guests. The room is large enough for a twin-sized bed along with some drawers and other storage options.
One of the most impressive things about the home is how a roof was constructed between the two containers, creating an amazing roof with windows that give the impression of a more open design, along with the more practical aspect of never requiring air conditioning inside the home.
This small yet splendid home provides all of the creature comforts one traditionally expects: hot water, electricity, and insulation, as well as multiple windows which help ventilate the home and provide added light, making this affordable home a dream come true.