Don't forget to check out the beautifully handcrafted kitchen cabinets inside this tiny house

There is no doubt that prospective tiny home buyers will have a clear vision of what they expect from their brand new purchase. They will likely be looking for an affordable and sustainable way to downsize, without foregoing the essential luxuries that one will find in a standard-sized home.
If California is your ideal lodging destination, then the tiny house on wheels we will be exploring today promises to meet all your expectations. Built by Sacramento Valley based SunWest Tiny Homes, the Sonoma is a popular design that enjoys frequent for sale listings.
It may be a prefab model, but that doesn't mean you can't add your own personal flair to it. So if you're on the market for a new tiny house, why not join us for a tour? Come with us to discover what the Sonoma proposes to bring into the lives of California-based tiny house seekers.
The Sonoma comes in various sizes, which you can choose according to your specifications. SunWest Tiny Homes builds this model in 20-foot (6.1-meter), 24-foot (7.3-meter) and 28-foot (8.5-meter) lengths.
This tiny wheeled dwelling is actually based on an older cabin design of theirs, with the difference being that the Sonoma has been extended to make room for a larger sleeping loft.
And here is a side view of the Sonoma exterior. The gorgeous siding is made from cedar, and the white windows magnificently contrast with this classical wooden finish.
With windows of differing shapes and sizes, this lovable cabin is guaranteed to stay well-lit throughout the day. If you're already in love with this design, you may want to to know that SunWest Tiny Homes deliver to all areas of California.
But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's take a closer look at the interiors.
Pine wood walls flawlessly adorn this stylish cabin. To make this home livable and complete, appliances are included as part of the Sonoma package. For the kitchen, this tiny house is equipped with a stainless steel fridge, a microwave, and a stove with an oven.
The Sonoma's interiors are a signature SunWest design. In fact, you will find that similar aesthetic conventions have been employed in their latest project, known as the Dormer Cabin.
Time for a closer look at what you can expect from a Sonoma kitchen. Here is the stove that we mentioned, along with a compact kitchen sink and plenty of storage space to keep your utensils too.
By the way, all the cabinets in the Sonoma have been handcrafted by SunWest Tiny Homes right in their workshop. So you know you are getting a tiny home that has been constructed with a great deal of care and rigor.
Here are a few more of these stunning cabinets, along with the fridge and microwave.
Now, let's focus our attention on the rest of the house. Right in front of you is the sleeping loft, and further ahead is the bathroom. There is a good amount of shelving space in this particular area, and compact desks that could serve as your personal workstation too.
The sleeping loft is spacious enough to fit a queen size mattress, and is well illuminated by its narrow windows and interior lights. If you need some extra walking space downstairs, the ladder can be removed from its position.
Interestingly, the roof's triangular arch creates a special hideaway space for tiny house dwellers who value a bit of privacy.
Last stop for the Sonoma tour is the bathroom. This is comprised with a sink, a full-size shower, an on-demand water heater, and your choice between a composting or a water toilet. Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the shower to show, but you can already see that the Sonoma offers all of your essential tiny home bathroom amenities.
The Sonoma is best described as a starter package into tiny living. It is beautifully designed, comes with all the basic necessities, and allows creative flair and personality to be incorporated into it as you see fit. With a little bit of customization in its furnishings and decor, this tiny house on wheels could effortlessly become anyone's ideal dwelling. All in all, there is nothing to say that this sleekly-built wooden cabin couldn't become your California dream home.

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