7 thoughtful open-plan interiors

Open-plan properties have been popular for as long as people have been building houses. They allow a certain lifestyle, a flow from room to room and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to keep an eye on things throughout the house.
When going for a tiny home, open-plan is both the most logical answer to the layout and often, the most aesthetically pleasing as well. Here is a selection of our favorite open-plan tiny houses, thoughtfully laid out to maximize space within the home.
1. Contemporary one-bedroom property from Eplans
This great home from Eplans measures in at 456 square feet (42 square meters) and is ideal for a couple. A large covered porch is wonderful for sitting out at breakfast or dinner, with a wooden stove and even a sleeping couch for temperate nights. Enter via sliding doors to the open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area, complete with a wood burning fireplace. The double bedroom is accessible from the open-plan space, with a built-in closet and a full-size bathroom.
2. Modern two-bedroom house from Architectural Designs
This Architectural Designs property comes in at 910 square feet (85 square meters) and would suit a small family or a couple nicely. Stunningly contemporary, enter the house from the entry or the single-car garage. The open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area are comfortable and have access to a downstairs toilet. Upstairs, a utility closet at the top of the stairs hosts the laundry machine. Two double bedrooms with built-in closets share a full-size bathroom and access to the windowed upper decking area.
3. Two-bedroom cottage property from Dream Home Source
This lovely house from Dream Home Source measures 864 square feet (80 square meters) and is perfect for a couple. Enter from the wide covered porch, ideal for evenings watching the world go by, to the open-plan living and dining room. The kitchen is directly visible over the built-in breakfast bar, with a closeted laundry room behind it. Two double bedrooms with built-in storage share an angled hallway and access to a bathroom.
4. Traditional one-bedroom house from Homeplans
This traditional build from Homeplans has been scaled down to a tiny size, perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette. Coming in at 449 square feet (42 square meters), enter from the front porch or single-car garage. With lots of extra storage on the ground floor, the upstairs studio apartment has an outside decking area, with an open-plan space inside for living, dining, sleeping, and the kitchen. A full-size bathroom and a walk-in storage closet complement the space.
5. One-bedroom country house from Family Home Plans
This country-style property from Family Home Plans would accommodate a couple very well. Coming in at 676 square feet (63 square meters), enter from the covered porch to a spacious open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area. At the rear of the house, a brief hallway provides access to a full bathroom, laundry cupboard, and the double bedroom.
6. Two-bedroom ranch home from Architectural Designs
A wonderful property from Architectural Designs, measuring 953 square feet (89 square meters) and ideal for a small family. The covered porch is wonderful for relaxing at the end of the day and leads inside to the open-plan family room, with space for living, dining, and kitchen rooms.A laundry cupboard and extra storage closets are built into every room. The two double bedrooms share a full-size bathroom, with an extra toilet. Rear exits from the master bedroom and the kitchen let out onto the back porch.
7. Two-bedroom cottage plans from Homeplans
This large cottage from Homeplans comes in at 984 square feet (91 square meters) and would suit a couple or a small family well. Enter straight into the vaulted great room, an open-plan space including the living, dining, and kitchen areas. A focal fireplace helps to center the room. Two double bedrooms share a full bathroom, with additional storage built into each room and the hallway.
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