Welcome to The Triton, another example of Wind River Tiny Homes' elegance

Sounding just a little bit like transcendentalist writer Henry David Thoreau, who said he wanted to live deliberately, the owners of Wind River Tiny Homes of Chattanooga, Tenn., have stated their agenda on the home page of their website. “We believe that tiny homes give people the freedom, both in time and money, to live authentically and with purpose,” the company says.
And then, sounding just a bit like famed economist E.F. Schumacher, author of “Small Is Beautiful,” the folks at Wind River also extol their philosophy by stating, “Sometimes you have to think tiny to live big.”
You also have to build well to turn out the elegant homes that Wind River's designers and builders can produce. Each of their homes is a delight, both inside and out and the off-beat framing for the blue door to the Triton house sets the pace for the deliberate surprises inside. This, be forewarned, is one of those jaw-dropping projects at every turn. Be prepared to be stunned more than once. Even the floor is surprisingly elegant. Take a look.
From a distance, the blue door seems slightly out of place. But up close the design features really shine. 
From the bedroom loft, you get a great look at the walnut-stained stairs and the oak stain flooring, which is a little like elegance meets more elegance.
There are two lofts in this tiny home. The master bedroom is reached via the staircase, while the smaller loft above the kitchen requires the aluminum ladder to reach it. 
Here's an even closer look at the kitchen in a photograph shaded by the screen mesh of the aluminum ladder.
And here's what you find under the stairs ... lots of handy storage space and the clothes washer-dryer.
Under the master bedroom loft, you find this terrific study and, opposite the beautiful counter top is the bathroom.
Here's the reverse look at the same room. From here you can see the length of the home straight to the kitchen at the far wall.
With just the right design, you see how you can fit everything you need in a tiny house and not feel too cramped. This is a roomy layout for a bathroom sink and shower.
And above the bathroom is the master bedroom, which also has beautiful flooring. The walnut stain for the trim is a great feature contrasting well with the white tongue-and-groove walls and ceiling.

This is an elegant, unpretentious, sweet little house on wheels. It is bright, sensible and includes two bedrooms (although the second bedroom is sometimes a living room, too).
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