6 incredibly cool pieces of nesting furniture

Floor space is a hot commodity in tiny houses, and nesting furniture is one of the original solutions to that problem. The more pieces of furniture you can fit into one space, the better off you are! Bonus points if the nesting furniture also happens to be multi-functional.
Nesting tables have been around for decades, but there are way more options available these days. These awesome nesting designs can be all the furniture you need, and they'll take up way less than their fair share of floor space!
1. An expandable nesting table
The brainchild of designer Florian Kräutli, this ingenious 4-in-1 table can be arranged in a number of different way. Just need a table? It can do that. Want some extra storage space inside that table? It can make that happen, too! The pieces can even be arranged into a top-heavy bookshelf.
2. Ottomans you can tuck under your table
There's nothing quite like putting your feet up at the end of the day, but what do you do when your house is so small that you don't have any room for an ottoman? This table solves that problem by giving you space to neatly tuck two ottomans under it. As a bonus, the ottomans open up to give you extra storage space! Created by Hokku Designs, the set can be purchased online from Wayfair.
3. Nesting trundle beds
If you have a lot of kids, finding them all a place to sleep in your tiny home can be a bit tough. This amazing trundle bed takes up no more space than a regular bed, but it creates three sleeping spaces instead of one. It's great if you have triplets or if you just need some extra space for occasional sleepovers, and you can buy it from My Italian Living.
4. A three-piece nesting table
This awesome table from Belfort Furniture is great if you need a couple end tables once in a while, but don't have space to keep them out all the time. When the two end tables are tucked under the coffee table, you won't even notice they're there!
5. Two chairs in one
This amazing chair was dreamed up by Diciannove Design, and it's the perfect solution for people who live in tiny homes but like to have company over. You can double your seating in seconds with hardly any effort, and put it away again just as easily.
6. Nesting cube tables
Available from The White Lighthouse, these three wooden cubes are incredibly useful despite their deceptively simple looks. They can be used as one nested tables, three separate end tables, or even stacked on top of each other to create some handy shelves. Plus, if one surface gets scuffed up or stained, you can simply flip that side face down!

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