Step into Innermost House, a rustic reminder of ages past

When you first arrive at a log home, immediately you can begin to feel the calming effect of the natural surroundings: The simple lifestyle which promotes conversation among friends and family. It is the back-to-basics kind of living these rustic retreats offer which keep us coming back to them time and time again. 
Today we will take a tour through Innermost House in the coastal mountains of northern California. This home was designed and built by lifestyle experts, Diana Lorence and Michael Anthony Lorence, to create a simple space for reflection and conversation. Let's take a look inside to explore this tiny floor plan which covers approximately 144 square feet (13.4 square meters).
Immediately you will notice the gorgeous woodland setting of Innermost House. The location is perfect, with aged trees all around and gorgeous rolling hills to the rear. The views encompass an entire panorama, which really places you in the heart of nature. The attractive exterior is finished with rough-sawn redwood boards, which perfectly blend with the environment.
No log home would be complete without a place to sit and contemplate the awesome natural surroundings. Innermost House has a wide porch which faces south; ensuring plenty of light as the sun slowly passes between the trees in front. 
Inside Innermost House, we find the main living space: An elegant and simple living room which measures approximately 77 square feet (7.2 square meters). The tastefully furnished sitting room is design to celebrate the art of conversation, with two comfortable chairs placed perfectly to engage with one another. 
The walls within Innermost House are finished with plain white lime plaster, applied by hand. The non-linear wall finishes add a sense of timelessness to the home, giving it a classic feel throughout. The house is a stick construction of post and beam, with the frame of the home being a feature in all the rooms.
As the light shifts from day to night, this cozy and peaceful space is perfect for quiet, reflective conversation, far from the noise and pace of the city.
The beautiful fireplace is slightly raised in an attractive brick hearth which projects into the room. It has a simple kettle for heating water, as Innermost House does not have an electricity supply. The fire is also the only source for cooking food, which is a gentle reminder of a more ancient lifestyle.
As day turns to night, just see how the shaft of light pierces the room. With no electricity, Innermost House is lit by fire and candlelight. This is so elegantly beautiful!
Innermost House has a gorgeous 12-foot cedar ceiling (3.7 meters). The use of natural, simple materials makes this house effortlessly beautiful, whilst the care taken to render the wood neat and plain is in keeping with the nature of the house – simplistic and mindful. 
The kitchen in Innermost House is as simple as it needs to be. With cooking done on the fire, the kitchen is an elegant space for food preparation, with a small number of cupboards to house few appliance requirements.
The deep sink dominates the kitchen, making it easy to wash and prepare vegetables, as well as to clean large fire pans. The tasteful design of the taps is exquisite yet practically functional. 
The bathroom in Innermost House is as modest and as simple as the rest of the space. Although they use very little water, the owners have installed a conventional septic system, which we feel is an appropriately practical approach to a potentially ugly problem.
The living room features a large bookcase wall, with carefully selected books which represent the spiritual nature of the house. It is a delightful opposite to the fireplace and serves to perfectly finish the sitting room.
Tucked away behind the bookshelf is Innermost House's study. This quiet space must be ideal for those who love to read, write, and reflect.
The sleeping area of Innermost House is in the loft and is accessed by a small ladder from the sitting room. 
Simplicity is the key to Innermost House, and the bedroom offers a simple sleeping space which is comfortable and uncluttered. 
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