Tour this rustic tiny home: It's 2 tiny homes connected by a sunroom

Just like regular-sized houses, tiny homes come in different forms. There are the converted school buses, which are also known as ¨skoolies," cabins, boats, and even treehouses. There is a tiny home that will fit whatever personality.
A quick search online will reveal hundreds of pages showing you the different kinds of tiny homes. Among the most common type of tiny homes are recreational vehicles and trailers.
The Ohana tiny home from VIVA Collectiv was designed by architect Brian Crabb. Measuring almost 600 square feet in total, this home is a little bit bigger than your usual tiny home. A family of four gets to live and enjoy this very unique home.
From the outside, this tiny house looks like one unit, but it is actually composed of three parts. There are two 174-square-foot trailers on each side of the house. The third component is the sunroom which is located in the middle of the house and measures 240 square feet.
A two-seater couch with ash gray upholstery is nestled on one side of the living area. The large window behind it allows natural light to come in during the day. Sheer white curtains provide privacy when it´s
needed. In front of the sofa, a medium-sized wooden chest serves as a coffee table.
A low wooden chair complements the chest. A creamy white furry rug anchors the chest and wooden chair. A wicker chair and footstool provide extra seating for guests. A black trapezoid-shaped lighting fixture that hangs from the wooden ceiling illuminates the room at night.
The kitchen has all the appliances that one would need to prepare a home-cooked meal. There is a four-range stove with an oven. A standard refrigerator in white keeps the food and the groceries fresh. The wooden cabinets provide storage space in this area.
VIVA Collectiv
The window right above the stainless steel sink allows you to have a glimpse of the outside world as you wash the dishes. The natural wooden floor complements the natural wooden ceiling.
A cozy bed with different-sized throw pillows is flushed in a corner next to two wide windows that allow you to look out and see the greens of nature, bringing a sense of calm and peace. The sheer white curtains hanging on silver rods contribute to the sense of tranquility in the space.
The egg-shaped wire étagère, which is mounted on the wall displays several family photos. A mini guitar resting on one wall adds a bit of whimsy to the room.
The compact yet functional bathroom is predominantly white. The bathtub, the toilet as well the countertop are all in plain white. The white tiles on the wall though have a striking design of bare tree branches painted in black.
The stark contrast of black and white on the bathroom wall is truly eye-catching. The two small circular lighting fixtures attached to the wooden ceiling provide soft indirect lighting while the wide window allows natural daylight to enter the room.
An elegant sunroom separates the left side of the house from the right side of the house. The frames of the glass doors are painted black. Brown was used as a secondary color for accent. But it’s the clear glass that encloses the sunroom that allows the shifting colors of nature outside to enliven the space inside.
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