Tour a lovely garden container home with a surprisingly unique shower

Located in Saulkrasti, Latvia, this tiny container home is big on charm. The outside is so visually appealing that you can't stop looking at it! Covered with crisscrossed boards that create a trellis design, the home is a garden lover's dream. Plants and flowers loop artfully around perfectly placed planters, and the yard is lush with greenery. The scenery isn't lacking a bit, and the adorable house inside is pretty great, too!
Only five minutes from the sea, this summer studio house has much to offer. The cozy abode is perfect for two guests and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. With great attention to detail, inspiring decor, and of course, the most beautiful lawn, this studio home is an amazing spot to spend a weekend in scenic Latvia. As you walk into the container, you'll see a small living room that also doubles as a sleeping space.
Overhead shelves hold plants and provide space for other items and decorations. The warm glow of lamps adds an inviting feel to the space, and a small table and chairs offer two diners a place to eat. And aren't the orange chairs adorable? Floor to ceiling glass windows and doors invite the sunlight in and saturate the space with natural light.
The kitchen is thoughtfully arranged, with multiple shelves and storage overhead and underneath to save space. The red door adds a fun pop of color to the room! ​
The kitchen offers a dorm-sized refrigerator, microwave, and other small appliances as well as cookware and dishes.
The space may be small, but it's more than appealing. Bright colors pop and capture the eye, such as the red rug and the red frame around the doorway.
The shower is definitely interesting and has a glass exterior that looks outside!
Frosted glass adds privacy, but it's still a neat touch to the home. The home also includes a toilet and sink.
The deck is likely the best part of this small space. Meticulously built with wooden planks and surrounded by greenery, the deck is an amazing spot to unwind and admire the luscious garden.
There's even a dining table to enjoy dinner al fresco as the sun goes down!
Imagine taking a walk around the property and seeing all of this!! The colorful flowers are so pretty!
The property is much bigger than it looks, and offers a lot of beautiful outdoor space to spend time.
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