Don't miss the out-of-this-world bathroom in this efficient yet sophisticated container home

Built to point towards the ocean, this open plan New Zealand vacation home designed by Ken Crosson is a dream come true. Created from containers, the efficient yet sophisticated home makes the best use of its space and offers lots of natural light, surprise storage spots, and earth-toned decor and details.
You'll notice the visually striking hand-stained cabinets in the kitchen, American oak floors throughout the home, and indoor shutters that add texture to the home. With an inspiring view and breezy living area, this home brings the ocean right to your door. Step out onto the living room and open up the swinging doors so you can while away the day in this hanging chair as you watch the sea drift by and the clouds change.
The very definition of inviting, this living room with its cozy fireplace and open living room appeals to all of your senses. Warm wooden interiors (made with natural timber) combine with neutral furniture and simple furnishings to create an absolutely beautiful and relaxing room.
The kitchen, bursting with sunlight, combines the dining area with the cooking space to give you one fantastic room that seats 8 guests. Custom cabinets provide plenty of space.
The home offers two beautiful bedrooms, and this wooden paneled room with glass slats is no exception. Lots of windows offer glimpses of sunlight, and built in shelves hold books and decorative items above a built-in desk space.
The breezy bathroom has a rainfall shower head so you can enjoy a shower that feels natural and invigorating. What better way is there to wake up in the morning? Concealed glass panels keep things private.
This mobile bathtub might be the best part of the bathroom! Move it outside for an adventurous seaside bath, or leave it in the bathroom for a more traditional experience! Either way, it's amazing.
The bathroom has plenty of space, including this sauna-like bench and towel rack.
Check out the beauty of this home after the sun goes down! Imagine the roar of the ocean as you unwind after a long day. Perfectly tranquil!
For added privacy and security, fold up the outside doors to create a perfectly rectangular, sleek, and compact home!
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