The uniquely named Tickety-Boo cottage is full of small space living ideas

Located in the English countryside, just two hours from London, is the charming Tickety-Boo cabin. Tickety-boo is an old British saying meaning everything is in good order, or just fine. And it certainly seems like a fine place to stay - the home is available as a vacation rental through Unique Home Stays.
The style of the cabin both inside and out is country yet contemporary. Natural wood elements and rustic accessories are combined with modern furniture and layers of soft textiles. The result is a casual and welcoming atmosphere, but one that is clean and sleek at the same time. Take a look around in the full tour below. You'll agree that when it comes to this little cottage, everything is tickety-boo!
The kitchen and living spaces share one room, with the kitchen occupying the rear wall. The two spaces are seamlessly blended with light wood elements and touches of grays and blues.
The muted blue sofa adds color without being overwhelming. Orange pillows provide a beautiful contrast, and the same color scheme is mimicked in the artwork hung above the sofa. The leaning ladder shelf adds a distinct county-style feature.
Light gray Moroccan tiles and a floating wood vanity keep the bathroom from feeling too cold and modern. The dining space is warmed by a wood-burning stove.
A glass door provides a separate entrance to the bedroom as well as gorgeous views of the surrounding nature. The room is adorned with a calming color scheme of gray, yellow, and green.
A small vanity area is tucked in the corner of the bedroom, while a unique bent wood light fixture adds an interesting and unexpected element.
The side porch provides more seating and even more beautiful views. When dealing with limited square footage inside, it's always an option to expand living space outside.
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