Enjoy the unforgettable terrace of a floating home, but check out the living room, too

Docked in the Netherlands, this modern Amsterdam floating home is three floors of sheer beauty. The owner rents the top floor to visitors, and the studio is simply stunning. With a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette, you're not missing anything. The terrace is simply the jewel of the home and provides and unforgettable view of the water below.
Cheerful, bright, and upscale, this chic gray houseboat has exterior orange accents for a lively and contemporary look. Created to look like a house that just happens to be floating on the water, the home is located in a bustling neighborhood that offers shops, restaurants, and a nearby beach. Kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing are only minutes away from this pleasing place to stay. The living room's sliding glass doors open up to a magical terrace.
The floor to ceiling windows let delicious sunlight into the studio and bathe the living room and kitchen/dining area with plenty of natural light.
The view from the couch is beautiful. The living area offers a pullout couch, so the studio accommodates up to four guests. Sparse but meaningful decor doesn't detract from the beauty of the home's exterior and scenery.
The bathroom contains a toilet, sink, and stand-up shower. Lime green accents add just the right pop of color to the stylish space, and a side window lets in a glimmer of sunlight.
The bedroom holds a double bed, and windows light up the space with sunshine. The sunlit room is the perfect place to rock to sleep over the ocean's waves.
You'd probably rather be outside than inside, and the terrace is the best spot in the house. Equipped with a table and chairs, relaxing hammock, and barbecue grill, it's definitely the hotspot of this home!​
Filled with plants and overlooking the water, the studio's terrace is a real treat.
Imagine seeing this sunset on the water every evening from the terrace while you enjoy a cocktail and unwind!
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