See how craftsmanship and unique touches throughout translate into pure luxury in a gorgeous tiny house

If you custom-build tiny homes, the chances are whatever you build will be interesting.
Think of this: If you were to design your very own tiny home, what distinctions would you include and what would you leave out? In a sense, a tiny home is like a haiku. You have only so many syllables to work with, every one of them is as precious as a sea glass.
Tiny Heirloom of Portland, Oregon, is in the business of building unique tiny homes, one at a time, each of them designed for a specific customer. Tiny Heirloom aims for luxury, and the company starts with a blank page with every creation. Other tiny home builders give personal or commercial names to their structures, but Tiny Heirloom calls its custom-built houses by descriptive names such as "Tiny home in Lake Tahoe" or "Tiny home with vintage glam." This particular beauty is named "Tiny home for military couple." That leaves the company short in the poetic names department, but remember, it is building haikus here, so we can cut Tiny Heirloom some slack.
This photo gives you a sense of the layout — stairs on the left, kitchen on the right and a glimpse of a dining area under the staircase.
You can see that the kitchen is well-equipped and that the stairs seem to disappear, changing from stairs that double as storage containers to scaffolding-style risers. That's a unique touch.
Here's the reverse view, facing the front door, which lets in a generous amount of light and provides a sense of endless space. The smaller loft is great for decorative items or for stowing away family gear. On the right, above the couch, is a large window. The opposite wall appears to include a flat-screened monitor or TV.
This angle shows the kitchen cabinets and the sliding door to the bathroom. It also shows some subtle touches, such as the thin layer of tiling above the stove and kitchen counters. It also shows that someone really knows how to build a floor. This one is beautiful.
The kitchen stove has four burners on top and an oven.
This kitchen has is own beer tap, one item that shows if you can dream it, Tiny Heirloom can probably outfit your home with it.
This under-the-stairs dining table has its legs bolted to the floor. This is not a light, fold-up table often included with tiny homes.
You get a sense from here why the stairs change from a storage-oriented set to one designed like scaffolding. Who, after all, wants to eat their meals feeling they are tucked under the stairs, like Harry Potter? These stairs give diners a feeling of being in an open space.
Tiny Heirloom
Tiny Heirloom designers challenges themselves to build "luxury" tiny homes every time they take on a project. But sometimes luxury simply means great craftsmanship, rather than "money is no object; we want his-and-her hot tubs."
Above: A simple scene in which a well-chosen picture helps define a space.
Four windows, a skylight and white walls help this bedroom appear luxuriously large.
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