Fall in love with the classic elegance of a majestic vessel - and enjoy its dining room

When you want to rekindle your love affair with the Parisian waters, a luxury houseboat hotel will be the place to find Cupid's arrow. The best thing about it? You won't need to stray too far to reach your idyllic destination.
Moored on the island of Puteaux, about 10 minutes away from some of Paris's most popular attractions, this spacious Airbnb rental is here to cultivate the wishes of Francophiles and houseboat enthusiasts alike. It's actually designed to fit up to eight guests - so why not share the love while you're drifting along the Seine's serene waters?
While you're getting your avid troupe on board, let's go for a look around.
Don't be shy: Once you embark you'll get to see this majestic vessel in all her glory.
See? Now you'll be able to enjoy a terrace that is well-equipped for a riverside feast - there's even a grill on deck to satisfy your cravings.
Whatever mood you're in, there's is plenty of room to sit back, relax, and take in the exquisite views. If you're lucky, you may even catch sight of some swans swimming along the river.
Got some time to spare before your next rendezvous? Then make yourself at home in this houseboat's living area.
It comes with classic furnishings, including a large sofa-bed to accommodate extra guests.
When you're not wining and dining at the nearby restaurants, this lovely table is at your disposal. The rich red hues adorning its chairs will be a familiar theme as you dig into your onboard eating experience.
You will find it embellishing the breakfast bench in the morning.
And surrounding the charming wooden cabinetry and sleek wall tiles as you go about your daily culinary endeavors.
All your utensils and appliances are right within reach, so why don't take some time to experiment with a bit of French cuisine?
As we continue walking along, we are welcomed into one of the three bedrooms. Each room has been evenly spread out from one end of the vessel to the other. As you can see, this one is adjacent to one of the bathrooms and comes with its own widescreen TV.
Looking at things from this angle, you'll really start to notice how each element plays a special role in making your stay as homely as it can be.
A glass basin and rounded mirror give the first of the two bathrooms a fascinating, almost futuristic, appearance.
Rule Britannia, anyone? While we're sure that this seating cover has nothing to do with French and British relations, all is fair when it comes to a bit of lighthearted folly.
This second bedroom is another area filled with intriguing trinkets. You'd think there would be great dissonance in placing together a mannequin, a vintage-style single bed, and much newer fittings. Somehow, though, it seems to work quite well in this room.
Before we hit the furthest room on this barge, here's another one of the bedrooms. This one is different again, with contemporary furnishings and decorative elements taking center stage.
And thus we reach the second bathroom. Not too different from its predecessor, this room says ooh-la-la without being too extravagant.
Cruising along the Seine is a hopeless romantics' dream come true. A traveling group of houseboat enthusiasts can fall in love with the Parisian waters too - this spacious luxury getaway is a true testament to that.

With chic, contemporary, upscale furnishings, this immaculately designed home is visually appealing as well as comfortable, and you can't beat the view and the proximity to the most precious seaside town you've ever seen!
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