Prepare to be amazed at this container dwelling eco-friendly and modern design

Today's container home promises its dwellers a fully sustainable tiny living experience.
The G-pod Dwell aims to get the most out of the space constraints that come from a single, 158-square-foot (14.70-square-meter) container. Its design makes it easy to transport and customize according to your current living demands - whether you are looking for a fully-functioning house, or just a personal sanctuary not too far away from home.
Let's take a closer look at the Dwell's construction and eco-friendly facilities.
One of the most compelling structural features of this G-pod creation has got to be its pullout compartments. Fresh air and natural lighting can effortlessly enter this home in its cantilevered sliders and bi-fold side doors.
For sustainability with a hint of luxury, this home also comprises a retractable deck area and solar-paneled fly-roof.
An aluminum bench seat, installed in the deck area, invites us to sit back and enjoy those serene summer evenings.
Here's a side view of the seat in question, and your first glimpse at the home's open-plan design.
The kitchen is fitted with stainless steel counter tops, LED lights, and modern appliances like a microwave and kitchen mixer.
The living room doubles up as a sleeping area, incorporating a queen size sofa bed made from laminated bamboo. If you focus your attention to the far right, you'll see a workstation that has been crafted with bamboo materials too.
Wondering what's hiding behind that green glass door? Well, you're in for a surprise.
This is where you'll find the cozy and elegant bathroom.
Some of the lush additions fitted in this room include porcelain vanity basin and bench, chrome bathroom fixtures, and custom-made bamboo duckboard flooring.
As you can see, the bathroom door's design is more than aesthetically alluring - it also provides some much-needed privacy for the Dwell's most intimate space.
The G-pod Dwell proves that minimalism and luxury can work in perfect cohesion. With modern renditions and interesting design conventions, this modular home is well-suited for tiny home buyers who have their sights set on a container home that appeals to the greener side of smaller living.
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