A dashing kitchen is the star in a spacious container turned into a 2-bedroom tiny house

If you've been an avid follower of the tiny house movement, you would have come across a Custom Container Living design at some point. These Archie, Missouri, container home experts continue to amaze us all with their incredible constructions and superb decorative taste.
Whether this is your first time seeing the company's container homes or you're already a fan, you're certainly going to be in for a treat. For today's tour, we are going to venture into one of their latest models.
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On show is an 8- by 40-foot (2.44- by 12.19-meter) container house with a combination of wood materials lining its external siding. You need only look at the different blends of textures and colors to see that attention to detail pays a crucial role in this home's design.
And there is plenty more where that came from. Enter this custom dwelling to be welcomed into a spacious living area.
Notice the matching reds and browns among the furnishings, flowers and decor. Deliberate or not, the simple placement of these elements effectively enhances the living area's classic aesthetics.
As we make our way toward the kitchen, we pass this darling dining table and its floral embellishments.
Right under the stairs is a demonstration of tiny living ingenuity at its very best. It always amazes us to see new and creative ways to make just the right amount of room for storage.
Finally, we reach the kitchen. As you can already tell, this compact abode is well equipped to serve all culinary needs.
But that's not the only thing that makes this kitchen special. Look closely at the sleek counter top to find a flower pot bestowing a delicate, yet homey flair to this area.
A closer glimpse of the modern appliances shows us that small adornments are very much a resounding theme in this container home.
Let's keep moving forward and into the bathroom.
The contrast between standard interior walls and the stone renditions makes this bathroom elegant and chic. Holding true to their decorative artistry, the designer has added a dash of color to this room through simple ornaments like that hourglass by the mirror.
Now, we get to the downstairs bedroom. Again, it's the small touches that make this room glimmer with grandeur. Anyone would greatly enjoy a bit of downtime in the comfort of a bedroom like this one . . .
. . . Especially having a bed with so many cushions! Before we say goodnight, though, there is just one more room to discover before we conclude this container home tour . . .
. . . Which so happens to be the sleeping loft. Seasoned aficionados will know that this room is unique for tiny home conventions. You see, one usually expects the upper sleeping area to be a couple's retreat — this one, however, seems to be accommodating a family with children.
It must be said, though, that any kid would be happy with a spacious bed like this one. And if you're worried about safety, those protective rails by the staircase should do the trick.
Once again, Custom Container Homes gave us a masterclass on how to get the most out of compact living. With its incredible use of space, all the right amenities and adornments abound. This humble abode flawlessly fulfills all tiny living wishes.

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